3 Idiots

movie poster2
The film based on the best-selling Indian author Qitan · Ba Hate (Chetan Bhagat) debut novel " Five Points of people " (Five Point Someone) adapted from . Flange ( R. Madhavan R Madhavan ornaments ) , Radu ( Sharman Joshi Sharman Joshi ornaments ) and Rancho ( Aamir Khan Aamir Khan ornaments ) is a student of the Royal Academy of Engineering , the three were living in a room , knot as a friend. In a rigorous college known for , Rancho is a very unusual student, he does not rote , and even openly contradict the principal "virus" ( Bowman · Irani Boman Irani ornaments ) , questioned his teaching methods. He not only encouraged to bravely pursue flange and Radu ideal , but also to persuade the president 's second daughter Biya ( Karina Karp Kareena Kapoor played) leave eyeful mercenary fiance . Rancho maverick attracted a model student " muffler " ( Naomi Vega Omi Vaidya ornaments ) dissatisfaction , he agreed a decade later with the Rancho showdown to see which is more successful lifestyle .

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