Arnold Schwarzenegger has a brush with police in Melbourne 

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Today i got an email  from the Google alert.I was attracted with  a big title about AS. After I opened it I realized that was a little misunderstanding. He just without  a helmet when he ride a rental bicycle on the Melbourne city road.

Finally he did not got a punishment just ordered him to buy a helmet from the nearest 7/11.

But in my opinion,if you,just a normal person,riding without a helmet on Melbourne city road I think you must have a punishment from the police.

And the police said AS was very likeable and very approachable,so next time if i get the same situation,shall I do this like him?and the police will give me a smile without punishment?i really doubt it.

So I think it’s not a good demonstration for public.

Ancient Egyptian Mythology

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the first in the world is chaotic disorder . God Atum want to have a soul and body , after he created a hill , otherwise in this chaotic world where he has no place .

Tumu is a sex god no , his eyes could see everything . He spit from the mouth of a son Shu - god of air ; and then spit out a daughter Turf Nut - goddess of moisture . They both gods responsible for reshaping the chaotic state of the universe task , Shu and Turf Knut established gingham and sky god god Nut
Land , gingham and Knut initially intertwined with each other , but Plaid will give Knut up , and gradually establish a new world order up, but comfortable and Turf Knut disappeared in the darkness.

Tumu dug up my eyes to look for comfort and Turf Nut , Shu and Turf Knut finally returned again to the side Tumu and Tumu very pleased , excited tears streaming down , when each drops of tears fell on the ground to form a person