Hear the real voice–sound of my voice!


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Do you know what  idea is not right?

Do you know what reason is it?

Comprehend what is?

Consciousness of it?

I would like to know the result of my own answer is: the idea is always sacrifice the long corner; intellect like caged bird; see self would not comprehend; know their fans throughout only a slight chance to have consciousness.

Previously seen a documentary about the deconstruction of epistemology, the modern view of the world thinks is an advanced, compliance, in fact, the scientific theory of quantum mechanics in the face of problems derived from the new worldview, there is no ability to accept objective science. Darwin’s theory of evolution and creationism wisdom might never compatible. This inevitably makes surprise that modern scientific concept really able to accept and absorb information more effectively it?

Reality keeps telling us, the answer is very shameful! UFO records everywhere, not only the government to stick to people also turned a deaf ear. This seems even more reason not to conceal a secret to avoid panic. But we humans existing worldview really not interested in questioning the existence of those additional principles, so only high-technology sector will be issued so stupid conclusion: Pulse telescopes to see the depths of the universe, but have not found the Buddhist description world. Personally think that this speech is definitely not up to 3 years of age or IQ. He happens to be the most representative of our human and technological achievements.

Anyway the film, describing a cult instructor and his girlfriend sneak suspected, while the recording side of the communication process is intended to expose the cult. Cult leader claiming to be from the future, through the time came here to rescue some people. This kind of old-fashioned doctrine of eschatology really can not see the new. But in the end the police to arrest those who sneak into the leader of the process, there is an incredible process, the details seem to tell us that we see and understand, it seems that something was amiss. It is deeply entangled, I would like to participate in the first line of the play is not only a teacher, even the director himself was unable to clarify this entangled state, and thus is a reflection of us as a derived audience. Will find that we actually are so weak on the details of such discrimination, powerless.


Anyway, through the film we usher in a better understanding of the plight of self-knowledge and self-concept of opportunity. Such a seemingly minor problem determination in the face, except we think they are right, it would be no law. One, we reflect on the question, the other side, we have turned the limitations of our intellect?

Filmmakers as arts thinkers, able to achieve this in the field of ideas or, reflection or, indeed already is our highest human self-awareness hard. We humans can not say that itself is eat all day long, lazy category, but in the ability to self-understanding in fact it is stretched, no breakthrough. Why are we so unable to break through the cognitive approach for real? Perhaps the reason is that our doubts and suspicion itself does not last long, in fact, in the final analysis is to deny, deny everything that we can not cognitive level, although it seems that there is only a hair’s breadth of the truth from us.

This movie is very conscious of conceptualization .the main point of the story has confessed , the characters in the narrative to establish . The film’s subject matter is very interesting, as God stick pieces , for care of the household of the antecedent summary still very interested, but in the opposite pattern , it is not  good for me.

In my digital story ,i definitly will tell a story somewhere like this movie ,let audience can not guess what will happy in the end.

Prompt – A scene

At the beginning of this film, it use the parallel shooting to follow the actor to get out of the taxi. Then following his going inside, the lens also truck in . After that a shooting quickly hooked up to indicate the actor is coming, suddenly a camera shake entered to simulate the actor’s eyes which are watching the actress, and at the end of this shooting used a close-up on the actress’s face to show her beauty. The actor want to talk with the girl ,so he ask the man to leave and told him he just want to be a volunteer . It can be obviously  found that the other man also like the girl, and our actor looked back at him several times to make sure that he had gone. When every preparatory work finished our actor started to talk to the girl, the lens also switched between the actor’s and actress’s face. I think that must wanna let the audience focus on their faces. After several rounds of talks,a new Angle of lens entered. And what is interesting, we can see the other man entered into our background. He pretended to be talking with colleagues, but  looking at the two people whom are talking every now and then. All these details shows that the man is becoming successful, and I can find out that the actress have a little tempted. So our actor stepped up to the girl’s offensive and use his gestures to present his idea. The lens also following his gestures to move to emphasis on all this details. The man who also like the actress cannot be patient and always looking at their talking. This indicated that the actor will get succeed. Finally when they are shaking hands ,our ‘Male 2’ stand up and walk towards them and staring at the actor. At last, our actor walked through the store and declared his victory. In summary, the modest little film tells the story of how a taxi driver by becoming a volunteer to chat up the beauty. The film didn’t scenario, but through small shot change, close-up and some supporting characters of foil, successfully created an attractive male . In my opinion, with the development of dialogue in the movie, the lens from speech facial gesture features to mobile and so on with the switch, all reflect the director‘s concerning. The feelings as bedding unfolding and slowly rising at last. In general, it is a little short of success.

Prompt – Crew Roles

As far as I know, the director has a lot of power, such as manage using the lights,  choosing the music, and selecting a location of shootings. However, I don’t know the director will also restricted by other factors, especially the producer or investors. But the boundaries of the director and other functions isn’t becoming more and more clear, sometimes investors are the director. As all known, now a lot of actors are also start to make the director. However, in my opinion, most of them didn’t do this very well and still have lots more to learn.

About developing a team, it is difficult for us students. Select team members need to inspection, use the different special skill to set up the division of labor for each person. While coordinating the work among good everyone, i want to let everybody to obey the instructions as well. As this  article said,  a small film may only need 6 up to 10 people, but a small group is likely to find person whom are new, some people acting for the first time, some practical light for the first time, some people for the first time editing the actual project and so on. These problems will be some difficulties for developing a crew.

Finally, the coordination between the different positions and control power of each department also make me surprised. Responsible for different people, different position have different characteristics. As a director, it needs to have qualities which have more than ten items. At the same time ,it needs to have different ways to deal with some problems that according to different situations . According to the article ‘developing crew’ , i can see that every movie team is tight, multifunctional, every link cannot miss. For instance, small groups even small but cannot short of anything, large groups is more huge and complex.

Prompt – Goals and Desires

If  talk about my goals for future,I must mention of  the word ‘movie’ .When I was a little girl that still can not really know about this world .I loved movies .I totally curious about the people behind the screen,and I dreamed maybe one day in the future I can make a real film by myself .

I’m a ‘brand new’ student to this major, so I can say that almost everything is new to me. However, I really like this major and want to put my whole passion on it .  In this semester, I already learned how to use camera to record ,after this I think I also need to learn how to tidy up these items and to process them in softwares. I hope I can learn how to shoot a shooting, how to deal with the scene, how post-processing video.The most important thing is about edit.I really want to know how to edit the video and finally can make a satisfied production. At the end of this semester, I hope I can make a product use by what I have learned that can tell a completely story which I really want to talk about from my heart.

For now ,I already learn how to be a camera operator within a workshop training and also found a job at rmitv.

I dreamed that maybe I can be a succeed film maker.I can find out the most beautiful things from the world what the other people can not find.I can write a love story and made lots of girls cried .I can take  amazing shots for the story.I have an  interesting job and work with a group of people full of passion who have incredible ideas .I can made a beautiful movie that most of people can touch their heart and really can influence their life .

Prompt – Reflect and Write

I have already read the article and some ideas are familiar with mine, by contrast, some ideas are extremely new to know. Firstly, I ‘d like to  talk about how to write a good reflection. I think ask questions to myself is a valuable way to write a reflectively writing. Just like now, what can I get from this article? What’s the purpose of the article? What are the two most inspired point to me ?I can learn what is a reflectively writing, some examples of them, some elements which I should avoid from. Why I need to write this article? Because it can help me to understand the theory better and can practice this kind of writing. In the future, I also need to write them frequently.

Secondly, I will talk about something about presentation. This is a extremely new thing to me since I haven’t done an english presentation before. Its always easy to do an presentation in the mother language, however, if using second language will face a lot of problems. Just like the example in ‘presentation 3’, I should do everything excellent and spend  more time to put my passion in it.

Finally ,maybe a small mistake (maybe just click a wrong button in your software) will destroy me. So I think at this time, a reflect and write is very significant which can helps me to summary the mistakes and record them that can notice me to avoid doing them again.

To sum up, reflect writing can obviously help my study like thinking deeply , also can push me to improve my writing skills. And I think I can not only using reflect writing on my courses but also can using for other thing no matter in my life or in some other area.It  can find out my mistake and fix them, then  ensure that do not repeat them again.

USEING SKYPE–Convenient way to communicate

Skype is an instant messaging software , it has the necessary IM features such as video chat, voice conferencing , multiplayer chat , transfer files , text chat and other features. It can free high definition voice conversations with other users , you can also call the domestic and international calls, whether fixed telephone , mobile phone, PHS can dial directly , and can achieve call forwarding, SMS and other functions.

I use the skype for the first time because I should keep in touch with a good friend who  studying abroad,for saving expensive international call charges.we use skype to communication every weekend.so i totally can say that I’m a huge fan of Skype.

In the course CMWP,our first group project about digital storytelling need all the group members keep in touch to make this project running good with the schedule.Because each member have their own schedule,so most of time we can not communicate face to face.so the skype give us a huge help.after our calsstime ,when we have time on the night,we can use skype with our group members in order to make sure our project running.

Unfortunately,because the net can not keep stable,when we use skype ,we almost face the problem of signal delay.and the other persons voice always delay for several minutes。it can made us lost our patient.

To be honestly, now I  use skype in my daily life  rarely, because there are many new  Communications tools appears, in my country , wechat was  very popular , we can call each other by our cellphone like facetime by internet without any phone charges .

However,in the future our group need to contact a lot ,if skype can not improve their use system,we definitely will choose wechat or facetime instead of skype to have conversation with members.

So,it has no successful  forever,we should always improve ourself for not be Oblivion.