Prompt – A scene

At the beginning of this film, it use the parallel shooting to follow the actor to get out of the taxi. Then following his going inside, the lens also truck in . After that a shooting quickly hooked up to indicate the actor is coming, suddenly a camera shake entered to simulate the actor’s eyes which are watching the actress, and at the end of this shooting used a close-up on the actress’s face to show her beauty. The actor want to talk with the girl ,so he ask the man to leave and told him he just want to be a volunteer . It can be obviously  found that the other man also like the girl, and our actor looked back at him several times to make sure that he had gone. When every preparatory work finished our actor started to talk to the girl, the lens also switched between the actor’s and actress’s face. I think that must wanna let the audience focus on their faces. After several rounds of talks,a new Angle of lens entered. And what is interesting, we can see the other man entered into our background. He pretended to be talking with colleagues, but  looking at the two people whom are talking every now and then. All these details shows that the man is becoming successful, and I can find out that the actress have a little tempted. So our actor stepped up to the girl’s offensive and use his gestures to present his idea. The lens also following his gestures to move to emphasis on all this details. The man who also like the actress cannot be patient and always looking at their talking. This indicated that the actor will get succeed. Finally when they are shaking hands ,our ‘Male 2’ stand up and walk towards them and staring at the actor. At last, our actor walked through the store and declared his victory. In summary, the modest little film tells the story of how a taxi driver by becoming a volunteer to chat up the beauty. The film didn’t scenario, but through small shot change, close-up and some supporting characters of foil, successfully created an attractive male . In my opinion, with the development of dialogue in the movie, the lens from speech facial gesture features to mobile and so on with the switch, all reflect the director‘s concerning. The feelings as bedding unfolding and slowly rising at last. In general, it is a little short of success.

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