Prompt – Crew Roles

As far as I know, the director has a lot of power, such as manage using the lights,  choosing the music, and selecting a location of shootings. However, I don’t know the director will also restricted by other factors, especially the producer or investors. But the boundaries of the director and other functions isn’t becoming more and more clear, sometimes investors are the director. As all known, now a lot of actors are also start to make the director. However, in my opinion, most of them didn’t do this very well and still have lots more to learn.

About developing a team, it is difficult for us students. Select team members need to inspection, use the different special skill to set up the division of labor for each person. While coordinating the work among good everyone, i want to let everybody to obey the instructions as well. As this  article said,  a small film may only need 6 up to 10 people, but a small group is likely to find person whom are new, some people acting for the first time, some practical light for the first time, some people for the first time editing the actual project and so on. These problems will be some difficulties for developing a crew.

Finally, the coordination between the different positions and control power of each department also make me surprised. Responsible for different people, different position have different characteristics. As a director, it needs to have qualities which have more than ten items. At the same time ,it needs to have different ways to deal with some problems that according to different situations . According to the article ‘developing crew’ , i can see that every movie team is tight, multifunctional, every link cannot miss. For instance, small groups even small but cannot short of anything, large groups is more huge and complex.

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