Prompt – Goals and Desires

If  talk about my goals for future,I must mention of  the word ‘movie’ .When I was a little girl that still can not really know about this world .I loved movies .I totally curious about the people behind the screen,and I dreamed maybe one day in the future I can make a real film by myself .

I’m a ‘brand new’ student to this major, so I can say that almost everything is new to me. However, I really like this major and want to put my whole passion on it .  In this semester, I already learned how to use camera to record ,after this I think I also need to learn how to tidy up these items and to process them in softwares. I hope I can learn how to shoot a shooting, how to deal with the scene, how post-processing video.The most important thing is about edit.I really want to know how to edit the video and finally can make a satisfied production. At the end of this semester, I hope I can make a product use by what I have learned that can tell a completely story which I really want to talk about from my heart.

For now ,I already learn how to be a camera operator within a workshop training and also found a job at rmitv.

I dreamed that maybe I can be a succeed film maker.I can find out the most beautiful things from the world what the other people can not find.I can write a love story and made lots of girls cried .I can take  amazing shots for the story.I have an  interesting job and work with a group of people full of passion who have incredible ideas .I can made a beautiful movie that most of people can touch their heart and really can influence their life .

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