Prompt – Reflect and Write

I have already read the article and some ideas are familiar with mine, by contrast, some ideas are extremely new to know. Firstly, I ‘d like to  talk about how to write a good reflection. I think ask questions to myself is a valuable way to write a reflectively writing. Just like now, what can I get from this article? What’s the purpose of the article? What are the two most inspired point to me ?I can learn what is a reflectively writing, some examples of them, some elements which I should avoid from. Why I need to write this article? Because it can help me to understand the theory better and can practice this kind of writing. In the future, I also need to write them frequently.

Secondly, I will talk about something about presentation. This is a extremely new thing to me since I haven’t done an english presentation before. Its always easy to do an presentation in the mother language, however, if using second language will face a lot of problems. Just like the example in ‘presentation 3’, I should do everything excellent and spend  more time to put my passion in it.

Finally ,maybe a small mistake (maybe just click a wrong button in your software) will destroy me. So I think at this time, a reflect and write is very significant which can helps me to summary the mistakes and record them that can notice me to avoid doing them again.

To sum up, reflect writing can obviously help my study like thinking deeply , also can push me to improve my writing skills. And I think I can not only using reflect writing on my courses but also can using for other thing no matter in my life or in some other area.It  can find out my mistake and fix them, then  ensure that do not repeat them again.

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