Take This Lollipop… I Dare You!

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I review  three examples of interactive storytelling, and considering visual design, functionalityand structure. After that I think about how the viewer interacts with the story and how the story is told for a long time .

I totally be attractive by Take this lollipop.Firstly ,when I saw this topic ,I just can image as a child my parents told me that never take candy from a stranger.Then I google more details about this film.Take this lollipop is a 2011 interactive horror short film and Facebook app, written and directed by Jason Zada, which uses the Facebook Connect application to bring viewers themselves into the film, through use of pictures and messages from their own Facebook profiles. Starring actor Bill Oberst Jr.as ‘The Facebook Stalker’, the film acts to personalize and underscore the dangers inherent in posting too much personal information about oneself on the internet. The information gathered from a viewer’s Facebook profile by the film’s app is used once, and then deleted.(from wikipedia)

Then I open this website,and log in by my facebook account ,then the movie is start by a very weird and gloomy performance.Showing ‘The Facebook Stalker’ as a thin, creepy fellow, hunched over and typing at a computer keyboard by his urgly and dirty fingers, images provided from the accessed Facebook account begin to appear as the stalker types at his keyboard, and appears to search for the specific Facebook user who had granted access. The Stalker becomes more and more agitated as he scrolls through the discovered information, until he locates the home of the user, pulls up Google Maps, and finds directions to the user’s home from geographic data contained in his or her profile. With the user’s profile picture taped to its dashboard, the stalker is then seen driving in his car to the user’s location, apparently to perform mayhem.

At the end of the film, a screen appears with an image of a red lollipop containing a razor blade. Below the image is the viewer’s Facebook screenname and the name of the stalker’s next victim as gleaned from the viewer’s own profile.

Take This Lollipop is the 21st century re-imagination of that conversation, reminding consumers why privacy should be a concern. And, perhaps, why you should never trust virtual strangers.

It is very interested  that audience can attend this story by themselves ,if i talk about my digital story ,maybe i can use this style to make others like real experience and real life and their real reactions.

I really like to tell my digital story in this brief way,the perfomance and the music ,it all makes a story likes real just infront of your face.In my digital story or next project,i maybe can take this way to attract my audience.And if I use the audiences personal social media to attend my digital story,I think it would be lots of fun and attractive.

If you would like to be the star of your very own horror film, go ahead and try it…I dare you!

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