Prompt – Reading

This article ‘sound design’ is very easy to understand , the author also know a lot about this aspect of the relevant knowledge. Through this article can let me have a basic common sense to sounds, and a deeper understanding of the knowledge .The author introduced what is sound and told us most sounds are part of the environment and many of them offer so little aesthetic satisfaction that they are not worth listening to. Then the writer said that sound should be selective and I think sometimes some noise like hum can be used as a tool to make us more concentrate on something. For example, sometimes when we are doing something ,we find out that its hard to focus on it . At this time, if we make some slight noise or some rhythmic noise, our ears can easily block these sounds and make us feel more concentrate on those things which we are doing.

Secondly, I ‘d like to talk about some information from the article ‘The director and the actor’. The best actors are those who not only pay attention to these lines, but also provide a clear understanding for the audience and can have emotional reaction. In the scene of the subtext of the feelings and thoughts are in preparation for the dialogue. And these makes me think about last week I have take part in a workshop which teach us how to shot and act an small film. In that workshop , firstly, I can not even remember the lines and let alone play out this drama. After I remembered all these lines, I find out that I still looks like an audience who are looking at this film. In other words, I didn’t ntegrated into the film very well.Then the teacher told me to imagine the film in my mind and think the role who I was acting. Imagining I’m the role in the film, following this activities I can feel some emotions from the role so that I can understand the meaning of the lines deeper. Within all these done, I can easily remember the lines, can act the emotions, and can let audience touch their heart. So can I say a best screen actor not only a good actor, but also a observer of life. They can only get lots of accumulated life experience , then can present the perfect performance to the audience and can get some reactions.

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