Keyboard shortcuts-be a smart person!

As we known ,using  keyboard shortcuts when you use computer or some Software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects  can allow you to work faster, easier and make greater performance.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been using Adobe Premiere Pro with a lot of basic shortcuts what I use most frequently in my editing that help me edit quickly and save seconds for my video making.According to,(2015),such as :Ctrl + C for Copy, Ctrl + X  for Cut ,Ctrl + V for Paste ,Ctrl + Z for Undo,Ctrl + Shift + Z for Redo ,Ctrl + A  for Select All, Ctrl + Shift + A for Unselect and so on.In our first class about editing our short video “LENNY” by Adobe Premiere Pro,Paul taught me the first keyboard shortcuts,”O”and”I”,means:Set Inpoint and Set Outpoint.It really shocks me how easy to cut my video so quickly on my timeline whenever I want.During I spent a lot of time for using Premiere .I learned lots of extra keyboard shortcuts to make my video project looks so effectively,such as:J, K, L for Rev, Play, Fwd ,L/R Arrows for Move one frame, -/+ for Zoom Out/In ,Home for Move to Start, End for  Move to End ,Page Up for Move to Next Cut, Page Down for Move to Prev Cut,Control + U for Reset my current layout when it gets disorganized and messy,Command + 1 for Audio Workspace,Command + 2 for Color Correction Workspace,Command + 3 for Editing Workspace.

After I made lots of research ,here are the most basic to advanced trimming shortcuts that I might not even know exist before.According to Lieu D(2014), ‘It would be the Panel Windows:Shift+1 = Project Panel,Shift+2 = Source Monitor cycles through open clips,Shift+3 = Timeline Panel cycles through open sequences,Shift+5 = Effects Control,Shift+8 = Media Browser.’

And to create a marker in a Premiere Pro sequence, use the shortcut “M”. I can see the markers in the markers Panel, so I can change their  length and add comments ,it is very useful for adding editing or producers .

After all,I still need to learn more keyboard shortcuts and more skills by Premier or After effects.If I want get more effectively ,only one way will be have more and more practice.

Reference:, (2015). Print Premiere Pro CC Shortcuts (Mac). viewed  5 May 2015 , <>

Derek Lieu,Posted on Jul 8, 2014 in Blog. viewed  5 May 2015, <>

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