Lenny – First Fantastic Shoot!

In our class,we got an unprecedented task.It was so exciting work for us,and all of us were expected can have this kind of chance to shoot a real video with a real script.That was shoot a short video by ourself which named ‘lenny’ used the script by our teacher.We should divide into groups,and each person should take charge of each crew for the shoot.Because our group have so many persons,we must separate to two days for shoot.First day,I was the actor for lenny.Second day,I charge for the camera operator.

Before you turn on your camera:pre-production

When the first time I got the script,because the script is so short and looks so simple ,I just read it for several minutes.And I really believed I got the whole meaning and can handle  the shoot without any difficult.But when our group discussed with the script,I realized  that I missed many details,such like every scene about the requirement of lens.After the first meeting about lenny shot,I find some skills about how to prepared for the shooting be professional and effectively from internet and library.Firstly,I think about the suitable position for the coming shoot,such like if the climate can match the story’s prospect,and also consider the place is definitely safe for the group shoot. Secondly,I create storyboards with several clip-art images for camera setups,such like the shooting angle,high angle shot,long shot,full shot,close-up shot, close shot,medium shot,background,three-quarter shot and so on.Thirdly,I also set up descriptive layouts and settings for each scene and shot.Make sure the shot type, angle, movement and equipment, including zoom in or zoom out, and sometimes,several methods can be used in combination with.After these preparation,it really made our following shooting more easier and effectively.

Before you call out:action!

Before action ,I learned a lot of things must to done.Firstly,adjust the white balance is the most important things to do .Even with a piece of white paper are shooting in different environments, such as different time, different light sources,it will be a totally different deviation.Correctly record our eyes seeing,it’s the reason for adjust the white balance.If you forgot,It totally can destroyed your video.

Up to now I still  felt so disappointed with myself about our group first shoot.we did not check our equipment when we start to our location we find for shoot.Just until our group members set up the camera,the director give the actors proper location and begin to shoot that we found our camera could not record as we want.We spent a lot of time to try to fix the problem,but unfortunately we failed.So we waste our first time for shoot and make whole group member felt so depressed.Through this unforgettable experience,it is still vivid in my memory:CHECK ALL OF YOUR NEED BEFORE ACTION!

Think more than you want:post-production

After we finished our shoot,we began to edit our video by Adobe Premier.I just found that it is very necessary need to readjust the white balance first when the location,temperature and lighting conditions changing.During our Lenny shoot,when we change our location from building to the street,the light turns more shine,but we forgot to readjust the white balance,so our shoot shows more white like exposure,and hard to focus on the actors face.As we know, before we started shooting in the use of digital cameras, must adjust the white balance in order to obtain a satisfactory colour effect, when the conditions changing, also need to readjust the white balance, if the white balance of the camera is not correct, there will be colour distortion.

Then the question of composition is also very important thing need to consider.  For example, During the Lenny shoot we want to put the actor in the middle of the picture, but the left side of the scene will looks too much, but the right side is so empty,it will need balance the whole frame.Maybe can be appropriate the screen a little to the left, although the character is not the center of the screen, but the the effect of overall frame will be very harmonious, does not affect the actors leading position.

After all,I realized  that SHOOT is not only about camera ,it also need you focus on everything about how can make it perfect.

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