MAKE an app NOT just use it!

In this modern society,I believe you’ve been start to use apps before many years.Your cellphone especially iphone or laptop has apps such like a game,calculator or photo editor particularly for girls.Recently these apps or applications, totally changed people’s daily life.

For me,I always wake up in the morning with a creative idea for one  app that nobody else has thought of before, and that be certained will be wide range of applications.The only problem is, I don’t know how to  begin designing and building an app! I am huge fun for iphone,so I am very interested in making an applications for iphone.Through some research,I learned three important things must grasp to make a applications,first important thing will be the content.It is the foundation of the app.Good content is filled with meaning, emotionally gripping and makes the audience feel like they’re learning something significant about the world. And you must let your app content is relevant, contemporary, fresh and keeps your visitors coming back for more.And it also positioning accuracy about who will interested your app and  buy it.

The second important thing will be the aesthetics.How to make a succeed app,the answer is a combination of an innovative idea, solid engineering, and brilliant design. But there’s something greater than this combination that determines an app’s success: its aesthetic moorings.At this step,you should consider the icon firstly,then the splash screen.These things all attract the visitors noticed the app and buy it .

The third important thing will be the most one:technology.For me,as a beginner it is the hardest part to achieve.But after I do some research,I found a lot of way can create it without any coding skills.A website called Buzztouch may be the web-based solution.And the Xcode download it from the Mac App Store, for $5 can give your hand to make  the app completed.


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