Seeing Sound, Hearing Image

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Several weeks ago,in our Sound and Image tutorial class,Jeremy let us using the Handheld Recorder to recorded some sound by groups,and using the camera to recorded some image with one theme we want to express.

At the beginning,I did not consider carefully by which exactly theme,so I just using the handheld recorder to catch all kinds of sound I interested,such like the sound of flush the toilet or someone closed the door with some creek sound,the sound of footstep by an anxiously person ran up the stairs,one motorcycle ready to across the street its engine started sound,the sound when some students play table tennis and basketball,and some person run for catch the tram in a hurry,some person chatting  on the roadside,the sound when wind blow the branch,the water come out by one fountain.

Until I transfer my sound clips to the computer,I found that I did not get the great sound.So I realized that if I am going to be recording outdoors, it’s absolutely necessary to use additional wind protection over the built-in microphones on the recorder. Many models come with a foam windscreen, but this usually isn’t enough to protect the audio from distortion when used outdoors.So my sound clips almost are noised and not very clearly.And I also was conscious of no matter what you do, the name of the game is always about getting the microphones close to the object that you want catch. If your on-camera talent is going to hold the recorder as they speak, be sure to tell them not to move their fingers around or fidget, because the microphones on the recorder will pick up those noises.However, I think maybe most of the time, the best way is to use an external microphone.And the really important thing is always make sure you’re recording before you start a rolling.And I found that if I want to get a high quality recording, I need to carefully plan my completed product and the steps for producing it.

屏幕快照 2015-05-15 下午8.22.25

After got the audio,I recorded some images by camera.This time before I shooting I already got my precise theme’Melbourne Autumn’.So when I started to shoot,I catch some images such like some yellow leaves on the roadside,the wind blow the leaves and branch,director my group member feel so cold wringing her hands all the time and put on her hat and stomping for get warm.But when I saw the cilps on the computer,I found some clips was not focus on the object and the screen looks blurred.And our location for shoot was not suitable for the light.

屏幕快照 2015-05-15 下午8.23.22

After that,I began to edit my audio and video by premier.At the first step,I organized all the videos which I can used and connected with my theme’Melbourne Autumn’ to be a neatly folder.Then,I edit the clips by my screen script step by step.And I also choose some useful reinventing material to rebuild my new audio. During the editing,I found the sound which I recorded was so noisy,so I used the audio effects,like DeNoiser to adjust the volume of noisy sound and make the background sound more clearly.I used the repurposing material to build my first film.And the film got deferent layers.

At the end ,I build a new layer named’title’,and added’Melbourne Autumn’at my film’s beginning and’directed by Ailee’at the ending.Then I finished my 1 min film.

Finally,I pressed the CMD M to exported my film as Vimeo HD 1080p25.And I uploaded it on the Vimeo.

屏幕快照 2015-05-15 下午8.24.40
Seeing Sound, Hearing Image.It is a totally fantastic work for me.But full of passion is not enough,it also need you set up all you wanted.First of all, make sure you are clear about the theme of your video.Work out a basic structure for the video and prepare a script or bullet points that you prefer to. If you’re planning to shoot in more than one location, make sure you have a plan for each location. Check you’ve got all the equipment you need for the shoot, including tripod, batteries and lights.

To make a real film by created video and audio,I need more practice.I should learn more video effects and audio effects by premiere or the other software.

melbourne autumn from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.


Using audio and video for educational purposes,Last updated 28 February 2014,viewed 12 May, 2015< >

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