No Direction Home – on my way forever

At the beginning,we can see a man play the electric guitar on the stage,and with a bunch of the spotlight on his body from the ceiling.Then the following is a young man’s close-up scene which playing harmonic.Bob Dylan is not unfamiliar singer for me,I really like his songs when I was very young,especially the song named’blowing in the wind’,just because this is one of the episode of the film’Forest Gump’.So I can recognized him at this moment.I am not a huge fun for him,so I did not know much about him expect his song,and I did not see the‘No Direction Home’ before.But Bob Dylan is the most important artist to modern pop music. He is not only a great singer, an extraordinary live performer,a pop culture symbol,but also the most outstanding composer of his time.To now,through the video using the live show for his masterpiece,and then he sang the lyricsI with ‘No Direction Home’,so I can guess this video maybe tell us some about his past.In other words,maybe it’s a biographies for Bob Dylan.

With the live show is finished,the scene becoming to a black and white image and his song appears as background music,then the special voice of Bob Dylan was coming out.At the following scenes,we can see several black and white videos for the playing record,his living house many years ago,his picture when he was a little boy.And Bob Dylan talked about his childhood,growing.Through the characteristics of his tone,I can image it was an old man want to share his life with the audience by his clearly memories.And the voiceover complete the storytelling.So the audience will ready to get in the hero’s story has a simple and clear direct sense, it enhances our desire to continue to inquire, but also to avoid the attention of the audience dispersed to other minor, but these subtle message in the film is still no picture when presented it will be passed to us.

As we see,all of the videos about Bob Dylan’s memories were used Black and White.On the one hand,at his generation,the reserved pictures would be Black and White,it was the true reflection of that age;on the other hand,this way can push the audience into the atmosphere of empathy which the director wanted to created.I think it was a very useful way to express about one older person’s past in the biographies. Then we can noticed,the video also included the interview about Bob Dylan,and it was colourful scene.This way can remind the audience what is the past and what is the processing.Bob Dylan sat in front of the camera and said:’I am on the way home’ with a pragmatic tone as his usual and trying to thinking seriously.I really like the light used,with the background music,it really can make the audience feels a lot connected with their personality experience.

As the film continues,the editor Thelma Schoonmaker interspersed use variety of pictures of Bob’s past.So I think maybe this video would have one clue which is coherent,it is Dylan’s growth process.New York,anecdotes,love,politics,all kinds of details about himself.If you want the to know Bob Dylan,I definitely believed that it is the best way by seeing  this film’No direction home’,it would be a pure documentary,there were baby fat Bob,a handsome young man by high-spirited on the stage,wrinkled old man and so on.In addition,it should be say that the director Scorsese got absolutely amazing skills to collect the historical data,basically any information that Bob Dylan mentioned can be found very consistent image or video in the film.I think it is very important and useful way  to make a good documentary by all kinds of material can be used,kind of the picture,video,the newspaper.And through the editor used the fragment to exposed the subtext lead to the audience’s sympathetic response.And for me,Bob was also a poet, through the 2 minutes documentary,you can find the poetic monologue everywhere.

The first screen appearing in the film,Typically,this picture would represent the whole theme of the story,and attitude.In this beautifully constructed 2 minutes sequence,Bob talked his father and brother about how they influence his life.So I imaging that the following  film maybe appears Dylan’s friends and his predecessor who influenced him.And perhaps listen to him tell the stories about his old friends for many years.I must say this 2 minutes sequence,it totally attract me to see the whole film,maybe when I finished my assignment.I will spend a whole day to see it and figure out if my imagination is right.And for me,Bob was a poet, through the documentary,you can find poetic monologue everywhere.’Where I was born, very far away from my home, my way of being home’.

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