Introduction to Documentary-show the real

Through I read the ‘Introduction to Documentary’,I found the author Bill Nichols divided the mode of documentary film into six modes:the Expository mode,the Poetic mode,the Observational mode,the Participatory mode,the Reflexive mode,and Performative.I must say when I saw these different type of documentary,I am not strange for it because I have seen these different modes in the different documentary before,except of the Poetic Mode,it is totally different for me.In my opinion,this type of documentary does not emphasize the depiction,not focus on creating a specific time and space for audience and not  emphasize the continuity of editing. It focused on the creation of rhythm aim to express the  mood and emotional appeal through the different spatial juxtaposition.Without any equivocation,the Poetic mode is very hard to complete for me like a beginner.

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As the Expository mode, this kind of documentary’s intentions disseminate very clearly,the creators relied on the power of the commentary to convince the audience to accept their point of view. A typical characteristic form is the “Voice of God”as Bill Nichols said,evidence,omniscient viewpoint.As the Observational mode,this kind of documentary is longer than the expression of the real world, but it is difficult to deal with historical themes. Because of abandon the voiceover,subtitles and images,it really can not easily flow in the long-winded and bored.As the participatory mode,director does not hide the presence, on the contrary, the director deliberately stressed interaction with the subject.As the Reflexive mode,the notable features of this type of documentary that presents social history of the documentary itself reflection. Like other types of documentaries,reflective expression documentaries importance of the real world, but more importantly, the film director also expressed reflection on documentary filmmaking itself. Such films often seem more abstract and difficult to understand.As the Performative mode,real events subjective enlarged,depart from the realistic style.The director focus on the subjective elaborate.

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For me,I really like the Observational Mode to make my own documentary.As an international student,when I studied in Melbourne for several months,I was very interested in the real life for the international students study aboard.Different culture,different language,different people give them all kinds of challenge.I really want to record some students real life,such like their daily life:how to rent a place to live,how to buy daily necessities for live,how to associate with local people and make new friends and so on,how to fight with their tough course,how to find a part-time job.I also want to focus on some couples of them,express their variety of love and love.As I am also a international student,I knew the situation about them very clearly.And for another reason,as my understanding,just use the observational mode may make the documentary so boring,so I want to use the participatory mode in my documentary additional.In this way,add my real experience,or ask the questions through my personally feelings.I think through the mix way would make my documentary more plenitude and attractive.

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