To see the world

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I really want to talk about the film named “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. In my original thought, I expected that the film is a fiction comedy just like “Click” acted by Adam Sandler, because, after all, the name of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” looks interesting and unintelligible whose director and chief actor are the same figure, Ben Stiller who is the funny sign. Nevertheless, beyond my expectation, the theme of the work is filled with realistic atmosphere and fresh style. It stimulated the rotation of my brain instead of numbing it just like breathing the fresh air with the breath of the grass. The feeling is gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is origin from an excellent script. The pace of the film is slow but it never misses the turning and the dialogue is loved but unconventional. This type of style breathes the new life for the film. It is vivid to present in front of the audience. The 25th negative is not only the suspense but also clues, just like the bomb under the table from the Hitchcock mouth. It makes the whole story becoming tension. The perfect combination with pace and atmosphere adds the beautiful colors for the whole scene.

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Actually, like most small budget films, it is necessary that there are many characters no need in the film. Therefore, many exquisite carvings are used to describe the characters, such as, the daydream symptom of chief actor, the embarrassing reaction at the first sight to his favorite girl as well as the mental activity in travelling. It describes the role from different perspectives and it is not only initiating the resonance of audience to reality, but also triggering the thirsty to secret ideal. For instance, the scene of daydream and having a date with beloved girl occurs in reality in many people’s lives and riding on skateboarding to travel to a remote and pretty place is the ideal life to a lot of people. These descriptions gather together, satisfying the expectations of audience in a certain sense to make them happy.

Besides the gist and the story, there are many aspects which are worth praising, such as, the picture of the film, some pretty scenery in different locations and the soundtrack music with philosophical lyrics and catchy melody. The most valuable point lie in comedy elements throughout the whole film, such as, the Dumbledore joke at the beginning of the film, the elder sending telegram and Benjamin Barton wonders. These features make the film more explicit and add a kind of sense of the comedy. Meanwhile, they are integrated into the whole film instead of overwhelming. An elegant gist is significant and the scene and picture is worth pursuing perfect to all directors and audience. The ability of appreciating the beauty is natural and inherent. That is the essence of film.
See the world is the real theme of this film,most of 70% pictures is the singular scenery of nature. Beautiful Iceland (the main location), towering Himalaya, connected by the main line for pan. From the original audience vexed disorderly, to gradually only fantasy, finally in the harsh natural environment that people did not want anything. Only will be cranky dreamers, in very much in tune with the sound of music, in tracing the journey step by step change for the fearless adventurer. I am very fond of the skateboard and climb mountains walk alone picture at the end.

After I saw the movie,I also saw the’ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Behind the Scenes (Broll)’,so I learned that a lot of things I can not image before.So many amazing scenes were build by the technical skills not only just the easy shooting.I realized that I still have to learn much skills and open my mind to imaging what can happen by myself.

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Feedback about the CMWP project

During this semester, one of our course named ‘CMWP’ which final digital project theme is about the “India”expect our group.I have viewed several projects of my classmates.I totally impressed with their fantastic work,especially the flowing projects:

Difference is beautiful

When I start the video,I totally attracted with the music,it was so indian style as we know.And the whole video style can make you completely like move in India.The colour and the animation style can make people feel so real.The technical of media they used was very professional.But as we see the video was a little short and I can not catch the main idea of the author want to presented.Maybe they can add more clips of the content,and tell us a completely story.


7 days of Yoga

The homepage looks so professional,and I really like the style of the blog.The pictures and the videos which they choose can attract the viewer’s eyes.And the content they offered really connected with the people who interested the YOGA.I think maybe their theme is not so related with’India’.And the homepage maybe can add some indian music as background music which can make people feel so relax and comfortable.


Namaste Bharat

I really liked the style they used the skills of this semester we have learned.And they not only used the video also used all kinds of social media to promote their project.I think it was a better way to make more people know what you have done.Because the interviewee speak a lot so I think maybe add some English Subtitle would make the audiences can catch the content clearly.




Keep on going – STOP-MOTION animation

I still full of passion on the stop-motion animation.From some research,I learned that if you want to create a stop-motion animation,there definitely have the easy way can make it .

This time I shoot a short film named ‘love’.I used two actors, a boy and a girl. The film describes the process of their love story from they just meet to care about each other and finally they fall in love. I selected the location in a park at the city of Melbourne, and shoot hundreds of photos. Then I used the  after effects software adjusted the captured frames, make it become a real stop-motion animation short movie.

Here is my video.

love from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.


Campaign-Loboc children’s choir

I am very lucky about having a chance to attend the project by the campaign-lobol children’s choir.I really have interested in this project,because I have taken part in many campaigns such like help the Children with cerebral palsy,AIDS Children,Orphan in the Orphanage,I very care about the children.So this time I put all my passion to this project with my group members.When we first got that we had been picked we were able to come together and work out roles and responsibilities. Everyone was really eager to get to work on it as, it was such a great opportunity to get a real job for a real experience.We schedule our time to meet each week with how everything was going and make sure everything we did with the plan of  what we can come out.

I research the rationale behind the themes of the Loboc Children’s Choir Concert Tour.And I figure out what is the tour come about.From some research I know the Choir visit schools.And the other activities will the Choir have during their visit to Melbourne.I designed the logos for the project, but they decided to go with the original Loboc Children’s Choir logo so that the brand could be recognised and known around the community.

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And I also made some pictures for the promote.

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Then I made some videos for promoting.

rebuild_bohol 1 from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

rebuild_bohol 2 from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

With technology, we used multiple social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Vimeo and Email. This has proved to be the hardest part, getting followers and getting to people that would want to go to the event. But, we have incorporated a communications strategy that we will be following, to get as many people as possible to this event.

1.Situation Analysis (SWOT)

Strengths (internal) Weaknesses (external)
  • valid cause that changes lives
  • large Philippines community in Melb
  • Lots of media contacts through RMIT
  • The RMIT brand itself
  • Internationally acclaimed performers
  • Quieter time for arts in Melb
  • Expensive tickets
  • Music is niche
  • very limited budget
  • we haven’t met them or been to a performance
  • limited scope to act
  • limited time to work on it
  • Trying to appeal to two different markets (matinee and gala)
Opportunities (internal) Threats (external)
  • to use social media which is free to garner many likes, followers, ticket sales
  • to reach out to an active Philippines community that aligned with the cause, religion and music
  • to use Fed Square as a promoter for the concert
  • to raise much needed funds for rebuilding the churches/homes
  • to produce a campaign that can be referred to for future employment
  • damage to reputation
  • lack of knowledge or purpose to tasks
  • lack of communication between stakeholders
  • lack of motivation late in semester
  • social media backlash, unwanted comments
  • that the show’s cancelled due to poor sales

2.Communication Objectives

What do we want to achieve?

  • Over 500 ticket sales by the concert
  • At least 1000 likes on facebook page
  • At least 100 followers on each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • At least 20 comments from public on each platform
  • At least 500 video views (includes all versions)
  • Average two posts a weeks from June 1-21 and one post a day from June 22-27

Why are we doing this?

  • to help people in the Philippines
  • to learn more about a social media campaign
  • to build experience for future employment

Who is going to achieve these goals?

  • The whole team with access to all accounts
  • Before posting, must seek approval from two other team members

How can we measure it?

  • Page statistics
  • Google analytics

Where are we doing this?

  • on our laptops anywhere, anytime
  • in weekly group meetings

What is required each week and who is doing it?


4.Key Messages

Tour Title: “Rebuild Bohol”

Concert Title: “Bohol Rising – Memoirs of A People’s Faith and Resilience.”

Tagline: “Never has music meant so much. Be there and Rebuild Bohol.”


“A concert to raise funds and help rebuild the century year old churches and communities in Bohol, Philippines destroyed by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2013.”

“Over 100 people were killed, thousands of people lost their homes and the largest concentration of cultural heritage buildings in the Philippines was destroyed.”

“Through the power of music, the communities of Bohol are rising to the challenge and

reaching out to Melbourne for an unforgettable music tour.”

Who’s performing?

“The Loboc Children’s Choir is a group of 30 school children aged nine to 13 from Loboc, Bohol in central Philippines. Founded in 1980, the Choir has travelled to several European countries and recently returned from Korea.”

“Dulaang Kasing Sining is a group of five actors/dancers from Bohol.”

“Together they are Bohol Rising – Memoirs of a People’s Faith and Resilience.”

Who’s organising?

“A committee made up of RMIT University, Leaders for Change, Philippine Tours and the Philippine Consulate of Victoria”

Where does the money raised go?

“The Catholic Diocese of Tagbilaran that allocates funds directly to the rebuilding of churches in Bohol. You can visit to find out more.”

When is it and where is it?

“There’ll be two concerts at Deakin Edge in Fed Square on June 27th? A family-friendly matinee at 2pm and a gala cocktail evening starting at 6pm and the show at 7:30pm. The performance goes for about 90 minutes.”

How much is it?

“Tickets for the matinee are $50 for children and $75 for adults. The gala performance with cocktails included it at $200.”

  1. Tactics


To promote the cause and encourage people to buy tickets for the concert via digital platforms:


  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • youtube
  • website
  • other music event websites


To promote on radio

  • interview with local community radio station and 774


To promote to community event websites or church services websites


To promote to our own networks: at work, socially and with family

  1. Evaluation


  • our grades
  • the amount of likes, followers on social media
  • the number of people who donate/buy tickets to the concert

Finally,I charge with the project of Twitter account.And I updated two posts a weeks from June 1-21 and one post a day from June 22-27,and focus on make more followers and more likes in order to sell more tickets.


I am very happy to work with all my group members.Each of us has done our part in our selected role and then got in touch and all agreed on the work going out to the public.I am very expected to see the following what we can gain with our great effort.

SOUND amazing & IMAGE amusing

At this semester beginning,we were asked to image our goals and desires and  what we want to get out of this semester.I try my best to not missing every lecture and tutorial in this semester.I really thank Paul and Jeremy for giving us a lot of distinctive ideas we never catch before and very useful guides to get all our want,and offer more practice to handle the basic skills.Especially,Jeremy is a very patient teacher for leading us,he always taught us the basic details again and again,we always regarded him as a friend not a teacher.I really feel sorry about we did not have taken a photo together with all my classmates and Jeremy for a really great semester.

Now, I reviewed constructively what I got from this semester.This course lived up to my expectations, and delivered what I expected.At the first time,Jeremy was pushing a cart of equipments in front of our face,I was so excited about what I have seeing.This course give me a lot of first experience,such like first time to hold a handheld recorder to catch all kinds of sound I interested;first time to interview people on the road;first time to face the camera as an actor;first time to call out’action’;first time to set up all the equipment to shoot a short film;first time to work with a group for filming and so on.I really appreciate for having these experience,these definitely can give me a huge help for my future real job.

From this course,I learned how to communicate with my group member to making a satisfied film to everybody;how to set up the equipment;how to work out roles and responsibilities;how to arranged every crews as a director;how to use the camera to shooting;how to get a perfect frame as a camera operator;how to get a great audio recorder;how to organized all the clips to build an orderly folder;how to edit the clips by Premier as I want;how to add the title and use colour grade and all kind of effects to make a real film.I really like this course,every my efforts can come true as a real thing as a video appearance.Every effort will have a harvest.So it definitely is sound amazing and image amusing.

From the ‘Lenny shoot’,it helped me to build individual creative ideas and opened my mind towards working on it in the future about how to make a great film.From the ‘Vox Pops’ exercise,it also helped me explore about the documentary deeply and put more passion on the documentary in the future.

Documentary in a Day-Call me Director

Making a documentary looks like so far away from me before I became a member of this class-Sound and Image.At the beginning,we got a theme named’HOME’ for our documentary.Beforehand,our group think about What will our documentary be about? We definitely consider that our documentary should be worthy of our audience’s time.Try instead to focus on the contents and the people appearance in the documentary. In simplest terms, try to film things that are interesting and to avoid things that are boring or ordinary.I think we chosen a worthy topic.Home not just one simple word for people,it also means a lot for each people ,and even included different deep meaning to people.So our groups figure out the contents with all of the passion.

After the first shoot,we realized that we got a lot of problems.Firstly,our prepared questions were not appropriate for the Interviewees,they could not get the point about most of the questions when they heard at the first time,and it wasted lots of time to explained the real meaning to the interviewees.

Secondly,it must be the audio.When an interview is shooting,the interviewee’s voice by the audio recording is the most important factor of the film.As I know,the producer would like to spend hours on set design and lighting,but they just use only a few minutes on audio. Without sound, I think it would have no film,all left with is a talking head that does not transmit any message to the viewer.There was a big problem about our first shoot,we set up our interview on the Bowen St..We originally thought there was more silent than the Swanston St.,but we did not notice  there was a kind of power station with low noise.Finally we just got a not clearly audio record that time.From this experience I learned that we should check all the details even conclude  the environment.

Thirdly,the question definitely is about the light.As you see the first picture,we filmed a girl in the bright room,and I really like the shadow on her left face and make her looks so confidence.

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As you see the second picture,we set up the light like we were in a dark room,and the light makes the curtain behind the interviewees looks like so strange ,and makes the atmosphere a little dramatic.

屏幕快照 2015-06-07 5.43.06 pm

As we see the third picture,we set up the light looks like she just in a very dark room ,and makes her back totally dark,it looks so different with the second one,but they were the same the light makes it totally different.

屏幕快照 2015-06-07 5.43.26 pm

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people with huge crews and massive lights spend hours lighting an interview that could have looked stronger by just working with the window light that was there.Sometimes, we just setup what we think we are supposed to for an interview. Or we feel bad if we don’t use our most expensive and coolest lights.Light is very important to the shooting.But, as with most experienced skills, if we grasp the basics before moving up, we can often do much more and gain much further.

As you see the following picture,we got the different frame,I guess we just used the different camera,and it has the different resolution,and we did not check this before we started to shoot,unfortunately.Next time,I will check this before.More practices can give more experiences anyway.

After that set up things,I started to edit with my clips we shoot.The big problem for me is the video’s length.I got almost one hour clips,and I must cut them into less than three minutes.So check the useful clips for the final video is a big work for me,I must check them seconds by seconds,thinking about the light,the audio,the frame,the content,the focus.I already can image that be a filmmaker the work would be a huge part for editing.But for me,it also be an interested part,I really like the wonderful clips we got,so I can see them hundreds of times without any complaint.Fortunately I got the perfect clips can use and totally connected with the content’Home’.

At the first,I added the title of the video,I used the title effects to make my title ‘HOME’ have the symmetric just make the word looks like on the water,then I added each question we have made some attention to people know about the content clearly.And I also used the colour grade to make my video looks like real film.The final step is add the music, it is easy for me, because I have done it before.

Here is my video,named ‘HOME’.

HOME COMPLETE ME from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

Audio build the atmosphere-Forbidden Lies

This clip just from one of the Australian documentary film “Forbidden Lies,” directed by Anna Broinowski. The film examines the 2004 memoir “Forbidden Love” by Norma Khouri. I did not see this documentary before.

屏幕快照 2015-06-06 7.47.14 pm

At the opening,we can noticed that it shows a sweet couple which they live in a very happy life together,and we also can noticed there were several kinds of the sound effects like:the birds chirping,one woman sing a lovely song,Conversion scene sound effects,the voice of the car running,the sound of a woman throwing her scarf and landing on the ground,Footsteps on the sand and the Wind.In this part,I think the editor just focus on express the romantic between the couple,so the song was the whole background music from the beginning to now.We can not listen what the couple talking about except the sound of bird,when they were in a restaurant,we should listened some noise in the reality,but we did not.So I think the editor used the sound effects to build a romantic atmosphere and ignored the other stuff sounds.I think it is a good way to express what you want emphasized.

屏幕快照 2015-06-11 9.33.37 am

As we see the next part the woman disappeared on the desert suddenly,and you just saw See a woman sitting behind the table was interviewed,and she said‘This is not the truth’ and a kind of sound effects like turning off a television or closing a book.Then the following was a cash register sound effect.Then the editor just focus on what the woman said and the camera follows her in doing things,but expect of the voice of her speech, I did not hear other voices, such as her footsteps when she through the Jordan Times building,When she walked into the room to greet the other person in the room,I did not hear any sound,just when she used her computer,interspersed with the sound she struck the keyboard. Then I heard a kind of sparkly musical Instruments sound when this woman is talking about the book.I think maybe it just connected with the book content.

屏幕快照 2015-06-11 9.36.34 am

Then the clip change to the outside by an interview with one woman named Amal,it has two layers of the sound,and I can hear the sound about her talking about the books and some kind of effect sound by the beautiful birds and wind. Then the camera brought us to a different setting by the use of the same sparkly musical Instruments sound for the book with another woman.There have three layers of the sound. The first layer is the surround effect, the second layer is the voice of interviewees,the last layer is the sound of intonate.

屏幕快照 2015-06-11 8.23.13 pm

When the image begin to present the map,I really like the sound effect like animation effect.It has two people to say the same page of story obviously,I think it is a good way to express one thing by different people with totally opposite  opinion.

From this clip,I noticed the sound effect was very important.This clip just like a sound effect library,I learned a lot of how to build the audio.It is an essential part of making a movie.It can bring the audience into the special atmosphere you want to create quickly.

Visual tag-a sweet little story about the location

As the usual,it is the orientation day for RMIT students waiting for their new semester. Ailee is a totally fresh girl for RMIT,today she wants to have a look around the campus by herself.When she arrived the Bowen Str,she found there have no people,so she take off her shoes and walk on the ground by barefoot.She feel so free,and begin to image the future of study and life in this new university.

I have created a tag and displayed it at the location,it is “RMIT Melbourne”,and I download the QR code.




WordPress SEO by Yoast

Obviously to see that search engines is one of the most essential ways to improve website traffic and expose the content, ideas to people who might be interested in.How to increase the amount of hits on my website by ensuring that Google and other search engines displays my blog or website in their results as much as possible?From some research,I got a best way to solve this problem.It definitely is WordPress SEO by Yoast. The WordPress SEO plugins forces me to choose a focus keyword when I am writing my articles, and then makes sure I use that focus keyword everywhere.

屏幕快照 2015-06-05 1.45.04 pm

The way to add SEO to my wordpress.

  1. Upload the wordpress-seo folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the WordPress SEO plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the SEO menu that appears in your admin menu

google keywords

Reference list:

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