My personal podcast-Live in MELBOURNE

In recent years,recording and producing audio clips has gotten easier than before.I can use my smart phone like Iphone to do this,of course if I  used the Unprofessional equipment that the biggest problem will be the sound quality.The most important characteristic of a good podcast is audio quality. Notcontent quality; audio quality. No matter how great your content is, no one will listen to it unless the experience itself is pleasant. It would really be a big loss if your great content got obscured by bad audio. It renders the whole process pointless.

Some of the things that I  have to handle are:

  • noise,
  • background sounds,dynamics
  • good mixing

I’d like to use soundcloud, which is free, easy to use and good enough. I can just record a track, process it, save it, or distribute it to podcast directories. Alternatively, I can use live broadcasting.And I can use it in a very different and unique way to present my media project.

Reference list:

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GMCTE UofS(2013),How to Use Soundcloud to Record or Post Audio,viewed 2 June 2015,<;

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