Audio build the atmosphere-Forbidden Lies

This clip just from one of the Australian documentary film “Forbidden Lies,” directed by Anna Broinowski. The film examines the 2004 memoir “Forbidden Love” by Norma Khouri. I did not see this documentary before.

屏幕快照 2015-06-06 7.47.14 pm

At the opening,we can noticed that it shows a sweet couple which they live in a very happy life together,and we also can noticed there were several kinds of the sound effects like:the birds chirping,one woman sing a lovely song,Conversion scene sound effects,the voice of the car running,the sound of a woman throwing her scarf and landing on the ground,Footsteps on the sand and the Wind.In this part,I think the editor just focus on express the romantic between the couple,so the song was the whole background music from the beginning to now.We can not listen what the couple talking about except the sound of bird,when they were in a restaurant,we should listened some noise in the reality,but we did not.So I think the editor used the sound effects to build a romantic atmosphere and ignored the other stuff sounds.I think it is a good way to express what you want emphasized.

屏幕快照 2015-06-11 9.33.37 am

As we see the next part the woman disappeared on the desert suddenly,and you just saw See a woman sitting behind the table was interviewed,and she said‘This is not the truth’ and a kind of sound effects like turning off a television or closing a book.Then the following was a cash register sound effect.Then the editor just focus on what the woman said and the camera follows her in doing things,but expect of the voice of her speech, I did not hear other voices, such as her footsteps when she through the Jordan Times building,When she walked into the room to greet the other person in the room,I did not hear any sound,just when she used her computer,interspersed with the sound she struck the keyboard. Then I heard a kind of sparkly musical Instruments sound when this woman is talking about the book.I think maybe it just connected with the book content.

屏幕快照 2015-06-11 9.36.34 am

Then the clip change to the outside by an interview with one woman named Amal,it has two layers of the sound,and I can hear the sound about her talking about the books and some kind of effect sound by the beautiful birds and wind. Then the camera brought us to a different setting by the use of the same sparkly musical Instruments sound for the book with another woman.There have three layers of the sound. The first layer is the surround effect, the second layer is the voice of interviewees,the last layer is the sound of intonate.

屏幕快照 2015-06-11 8.23.13 pm

When the image begin to present the map,I really like the sound effect like animation effect.It has two people to say the same page of story obviously,I think it is a good way to express one thing by different people with totally opposite  opinion.

From this clip,I noticed the sound effect was very important.This clip just like a sound effect library,I learned a lot of how to build the audio.It is an essential part of making a movie.It can bring the audience into the special atmosphere you want to create quickly.

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