SOUND amazing & IMAGE amusing

At this semester beginning,we were asked to image our goals and desires and  what we want to get out of this semester.I try my best to not missing every lecture and tutorial in this semester.I really thank Paul and Jeremy for giving us a lot of distinctive ideas we never catch before and very useful guides to get all our want,and offer more practice to handle the basic skills.Especially,Jeremy is a very patient teacher for leading us,he always taught us the basic details again and again,we always regarded him as a friend not a teacher.I really feel sorry about we did not have taken a photo together with all my classmates and Jeremy for a really great semester.

Now, I reviewed constructively what I got from this semester.This course lived up to my expectations, and delivered what I expected.At the first time,Jeremy was pushing a cart of equipments in front of our face,I was so excited about what I have seeing.This course give me a lot of first experience,such like first time to hold a handheld recorder to catch all kinds of sound I interested;first time to interview people on the road;first time to face the camera as an actor;first time to call out’action’;first time to set up all the equipment to shoot a short film;first time to work with a group for filming and so on.I really appreciate for having these experience,these definitely can give me a huge help for my future real job.

From this course,I learned how to communicate with my group member to making a satisfied film to everybody;how to set up the equipment;how to work out roles and responsibilities;how to arranged every crews as a director;how to use the camera to shooting;how to get a perfect frame as a camera operator;how to get a great audio recorder;how to organized all the clips to build an orderly folder;how to edit the clips by Premier as I want;how to add the title and use colour grade and all kind of effects to make a real film.I really like this course,every my efforts can come true as a real thing as a video appearance.Every effort will have a harvest.So it definitely is sound amazing and image amusing.

From the ‘Lenny shoot’,it helped me to build individual creative ideas and opened my mind towards working on it in the future about how to make a great film.From the ‘Vox Pops’ exercise,it also helped me explore about the documentary deeply and put more passion on the documentary in the future.

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