Feedback about the CMWP project

During this semester, one of our course named ‘CMWP’ which final digital project theme is about the “India”expect our group.I have viewed several projects of my classmates.I totally impressed with their fantastic work,especially the flowing projects:

Difference is beautiful

When I start the video,I totally attracted with the music,it was so indian style as we know.And the whole video style can make you completely like move in India.The colour and the animation style can make people feel so real.The technical of media they used was very professional.But as we see the video was a little short and I can not catch the main idea of the author want to presented.Maybe they can add more clips of the content,and tell us a completely story.


7 days of Yoga

The homepage looks so professional,and I really like the style of the blog.The pictures and the videos which they choose can attract the viewer’s eyes.And the content they offered really connected with the people who interested the YOGA.I think maybe their theme is not so related with’India’.And the homepage maybe can add some indian music as background music which can make people feel so relax and comfortable.


Namaste Bharat

I really liked the style they used the skills of this semester we have learned.And they not only used the video also used all kinds of social media to promote their project.I think it was a better way to make more people know what you have done.Because the interviewee speak a lot so I think maybe add some English Subtitle would make the audiences can catch the content clearly.




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