To see the world

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I really want to talk about the film named “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. In my original thought, I expected that the film is a fiction comedy just like “Click” acted by Adam Sandler, because, after all, the name of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” looks interesting and unintelligible whose director and chief actor are the same figure, Ben Stiller who is the funny sign. Nevertheless, beyond my expectation, the theme of the work is filled with realistic atmosphere and fresh style. It stimulated the rotation of my brain instead of numbing it just like breathing the fresh air with the breath of the grass. The feeling is gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is origin from an excellent script. The pace of the film is slow but it never misses the turning and the dialogue is loved but unconventional. This type of style breathes the new life for the film. It is vivid to present in front of the audience. The 25th negative is not only the suspense but also clues, just like the bomb under the table from the Hitchcock mouth. It makes the whole story becoming tension. The perfect combination with pace and atmosphere adds the beautiful colors for the whole scene.

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Actually, like most small budget films, it is necessary that there are many characters no need in the film. Therefore, many exquisite carvings are used to describe the characters, such as, the daydream symptom of chief actor, the embarrassing reaction at the first sight to his favorite girl as well as the mental activity in travelling. It describes the role from different perspectives and it is not only initiating the resonance of audience to reality, but also triggering the thirsty to secret ideal. For instance, the scene of daydream and having a date with beloved girl occurs in reality in many people’s lives and riding on skateboarding to travel to a remote and pretty place is the ideal life to a lot of people. These descriptions gather together, satisfying the expectations of audience in a certain sense to make them happy.

Besides the gist and the story, there are many aspects which are worth praising, such as, the picture of the film, some pretty scenery in different locations and the soundtrack music with philosophical lyrics and catchy melody. The most valuable point lie in comedy elements throughout the whole film, such as, the Dumbledore joke at the beginning of the film, the elder sending telegram and Benjamin Barton wonders. These features make the film more explicit and add a kind of sense of the comedy. Meanwhile, they are integrated into the whole film instead of overwhelming. An elegant gist is significant and the scene and picture is worth pursuing perfect to all directors and audience. The ability of appreciating the beauty is natural and inherent. That is the essence of film.
See the world is the real theme of this film,most of 70% pictures is the singular scenery of nature. Beautiful Iceland (the main location), towering Himalaya, connected by the main line for pan. From the original audience vexed disorderly, to gradually only fantasy, finally in the harsh natural environment that people did not want anything. Only will be cranky dreamers, in very much in tune with the sound of music, in tracing the journey step by step change for the fearless adventurer. I am very fond of the skateboard and climb mountains walk alone picture at the end.

After I saw the movie,I also saw the’ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Behind the Scenes (Broll)’,so I learned that a lot of things I can not image before.So many amazing scenes were build by the technical skills not only just the easy shooting.I realized that I still have to learn much skills and open my mind to imaging what can happen by myself.

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