Make your popcorn!

Popcorn Maker helps me easily remix web video, audio and images into cool ,real film that i can embed on other websites. Drag and drop content from the web, then add my own comments and links – all within the browser.

Popcorn Maker videos are dynamic, full of links and unique with every view.

It can add various media including media from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Audiour and HTML5 media. Ever wondered that making videos would get so easy?

I also don’t need to worry on saving the videos on my system. And it totally for free.Additional you also save Disk space.

With popcorn You can build:

  • an animated gif with sound
  • a documentary with dynamic links
  • a video profile to introduce yourself to the world

My theme is about LOVE.It can attracted the audiences eyes.

My incorporation of a Twitter feed adds more interest to the work.

In addition,I used the Popcorn environment like the in an aesthetically effective way.屏幕快照 2015-06-04 12.40.20 pm

My personal podcast-Live in MELBOURNE

In recent years,recording and producing audio clips has gotten easier than before.I can use my smart phone like Iphone to do this,of course if I  used the Unprofessional equipment that the biggest problem will be the sound quality.The most important characteristic of a good podcast is audio quality. Notcontent quality; audio quality. No matter how great your content is, no one will listen to it unless the experience itself is pleasant. It would really be a big loss if your great content got obscured by bad audio. It renders the whole process pointless.

Some of the things that I  have to handle are:

  • noise,
  • background sounds,dynamics
  • good mixing

I’d like to use soundcloud, which is free, easy to use and good enough. I can just record a track, process it, save it, or distribute it to podcast directories. Alternatively, I can use live broadcasting.And I can use it in a very different and unique way to present my media project.

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Infographic-present your idea clearly,like a image

I absolutely love It was one of the first tools I found that helped me create a few infographics for the task. For now though, lets me easily create various charts by just clicking and moving the mouse. No data skills required.

At first,I made a script for this infographics indicates my strengths and weaknesses,as indicated in the marking feedback for the Land of Destruction assessment tasks, and also in other self assessment such like Sound and Image, I might have undertaken in work or study contexts.Then I have developed an appropriate design,such like the colour,size,position of elements.

屏幕快照 2015-06-03 下午2.30.55




Website Data-how to increase your page views and get more bolg traffic

At first ,I used my gmail account to sign in the Google Analytics.But unfortunately,I failed.It seems to need a new private account.Just because I really did not need a new one ,and I can not handle two gmail account in my daily life .so I give up.But for this task,I think the important thing need us to know,It is totally about through the website data you can let your website to more popular.

屏幕快照 2015-06-03 上午10.52.59

And the wordpress also provide the data for user.

Through this data ,we can know how our audience interacts with our website is crucial for  success. The best way to know our audience is through the traffic stats.

Who visits your site

This part of analytics answers what is the geographical location of your audience, which browser did the user use to visit your site and many other important information such as: screen resolution, JavaScript support, Flash support, language and more.

This data is extremely useful, and it can help in numerous ways. When getting a custom design, you can use the user data to make sure that your site will be compatible with your audience. If most of your users does not have Flash support, then you should avoid adding flash element in your site. If most of your users are on 1280 screen resolutions, then make sure that your design is compatible with that resolution or smaller.

What they do when they are on your website

You can track where the user is going on your website, how long do they stay on your website, and what is the bounce rate (the percent of users exit your site on the first visit). By using this information, you can decrease the bounce rate and increase the depth of pageviews.

When they visit your website

By looking at the hottest hours in the day for your site, you can pick the time when you publish your post. If that time zone is not compatible with yours, then you canschedule your post to meet that hour.

Where did they arrive on your website from

This section of the analytics show you where did the user come from (for example: Search Engines, Direct Links, Referral links from another site).

It also shows you what percentage of your visitors came from each of these sources. Google analytics gives you the breakdown of each of these categories. If it is the

search engine category, then it shows you which search engine got you the most traffic, google, yahoo, bing etc.

The breakdown of referral sources show you which sites you need to work with the most. If your top referral source is twitter, then you need to have exclusive twitter content to make your twitter audience feel special. If your top referral source is an external website, then you might want to consider having a partnership with that website (link exchanges or something else).

How they interact with your site’s content

Google analytics show how your users interacted with your site’s content. It shows you what percent of the user clicked on which link on your site and much more. You can run A/B split tests by creating content experiments in Google Analytics to understand what works best to meet your goals.

By seeing the user interactivity, you can work your content around your users. By seeing the answers to the questions above, you can focus on the strategies that work for your site and eliminate the strategies that don’t work.

屏幕快照 2015-06-03 上午11.11.34

屏幕快照 2015-06-03 上午11.12.07

屏幕快照 2015-06-03 上午11.12.18

Except Some Great WordPress Plugins To Drive More Traffic,I have developed a strategy to improve my website’s traffic:

1 – Create “pillar content”

You want to make your blog as resourceful. Your aim is to encourage your readers to visit frequently your posts.

Focus on developing a resource for your blog that has useful information and provides the reader with answers to their problems.

2 – Interlink your posts

When you create a new article, review your previous articles and find out what content is relevant. The beauty of Wikipedia is that it constantly interlinks information. If you’re trying to increase your search engine ranking for a certain article, try to interlink your content together.

3- Create a list post of your best blog articles

4 – Add a Sitemap

5 – Use Relevant Categories

6 – Give away something

7 – Develop a series of articles

8 – End with related articles

9 – Create an FAQ page

10–Display your popular articles

11–Get Posts Analytics, Reduce Bounce Rate

12–Use excerpts

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Widget-help users search you

屏幕快照 2015-06-02 下午11.23.49

This widget which helps users connect to my other forms of social media,such like facebook,twitter,instagram,linkedin,vimeo.

屏幕快照 2015-06-02 下午11.23.55

This widget which present my pictures present by instagram helps users search it.

屏幕快照 2015-06-02 下午11.24.06

This widget which helps users search my blog by different category.

屏幕快照 2015-06-02 下午11.24.13

This widget which helps users search my friends’ blog and find something useful.


Flipped lecture-digital drawing

When drawing digitally, your first choice is bitmap (raster) or vector? Vector drawing is clean, precise, and it can look somewhat inhuman (although clever artists can overcome this). Some simple examples. That’s because it is the result of algorithms working out how to join two points together. Bitmap drawing tools replicate the pressure of your mouse, stylus or finger by translating that pressure into a series of tiny dots (pixels). The result can be much more like a hand-drawing – but it can also seem very crude in the hands of an unskilled user. Digital photographs are, ultimately, bitmaps.

For my project,I really like the smile on the children’s face,even they lost their home.This is brave,this is hope.

So I use the WACOM and photoshop to make the following digital drawings.I will use them in our social media like facebook or twitter to attract more people like our event.

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Flipped lecture-image editing

I am a huge fun for Photoshop,and really crazy about it.I like take pictures everytime and everywhere if I want.So aims to create new things and good atmosphere,I need to use the digital image editing software like Photoshop frequently.When our group members start to plan our project about Rebuild Bohol.We figure out to create one logo for our social media team.Through the ‘IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE‘lecture,I noticed one good image editing software named’GIMP’.It offers a variety of image processing tools, filters, and many component modules, to make for a cool, shiny web buttons or website Logo is a graphics software  easy to use,I just need a little change, it can create a button or  web site Logo very quickly.Through the tool,I can use most of the Photoshop plug-in (may want to use WINE).There are a variety of tools, including brushes, pencils, sprayers, cloning and other tools, and to brush, mode customization.

At first,we have a lot of ideas about how to build a new logo,such like these logos in the following:




Finally,We realized that this event has lots of pictures about the rebuild bohol,so we decided to present it ,and share it with the public as more as better.So I learned from Designing a Logo in Photoshop.This lecture is very useful for us to make some significant style.


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