Sketch 3-PIM project 2


Sketch3 from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this video because I moved to a new apartment towards the carlton garden,it was got a comfortable view include the city and the nature.I wanted to capture a time-lapse kind of scene,something like taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. When the frames are shown at normal speed, or in quick succession, the action seems much faster.I did not spend too much time to design the frame.This kind of similar to our case study “NYC” form MINA 2014,just recorded the movement from afternoon to night as what you saw.

From this method,I can record the amazing scenery at once just by my iphone.I really like the cloud run fast,and the cloud layer swept constantly,this kind of scene makes the audience feel so comfortable and can have the  sight which can not see in common.The way in which people see the view when time come and go,my mobile phone can make this come true easily, and need not use any professional equipment or the expert for shooting.

To make this video,I used my mobile phone to shoot and combined  it with a tripod, just let it stand on my apartment’s balcony for several times.At the first time I did not choose the perfect angle of sight,so I just got the dark skectch,then I change the angle,make sure the frame take the perfect scenes. And during this time,I can do anything just leave the mobile phone there,then I got the amazing video.After the shooting I did not use any app to change the colour and the shape,it can express the emotion perfectly.And the weather changed,the light changed,the road and the cloud also got the different express,and the iphone could make this be the real at that moment.I think I can use this kind of sketch about shoot the city,highway road,sea,day and night something like that into my real film to express the perfect emotion and some production design.This happens to be just our affordance:immediacy.So,pick up your iphone ,make the real movie by yourself.

Sketch 2-PIM project 2


I got this video when I was walking through the central station with my friend Caroline,from the underground to the ground. I wanted to capture a  pedestrian kind of scene, and I was on the walking way to the state library. I did not have  too much thought and planning, I was just hold my iphone and shoot everything I feel interested as I walked. This kind of similar to our case study “1+1” from MINA 2014.I can record everything fresh in my daily life whatever I want immediately,and need not any complicated script and schedule.

By this way,I can record my daily life everyday for almost 60 seconds just only by my iphone.If any inspiration of creation burst out,I can capture it at that time very quickly,it is a very effective way to hold my memory and can not lose any afflatus.For my ideal film,I think it is a easy way to collect the materials at any time.I can got my footage without any planning and save my time to make it.As a media worker,when you saw something hits your heart at the first sight,and you want make it be a real footage,it almost connected with our group’s affordance:immediacy.

For this video,I used iphone to shoot,any edited it by app to add the free background music to express the emotion,then used the instagram to adjust the colour to make the audience feel a little different environment. Iphone shoot is very easy ,and edit is easy too,there are all kinds of video make app can help us to complete our capture sketch.And I think iphone video edit app can help you to make a real film to impress people’s eyes.

sketch2 from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

Sketch 1-PIM project 2


sketches1 from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

Our fantastic group talked about the personal ideas after watching the videos in intensive.I figured out that using a smart phone as a professional camera to catch the videos and images everytime and everywhere you want and every Inspiration is triggered.When you walk on the street ,you can capture everything just used your mobile phone hold by  your hand at once and you need not  to set up a completely film crew. So my affordance is immediacy.You can use the mobile phone shot everything when the first afflatus come out as soon as possible.As this method,we will not lose the precious seconds when the event can not be copied suddenly appearanced.

This video was shoot while I was planned to walk to the State Library for studying with my friends.When I saw some people was very cool to playing the skateboard in front of the ground,I involuntary took the mobile phone out of my pocket and to catch the happening scene quickly.After some taking,I felt that if I could catch the action they have done be the slow-motion way would be more attractive.And if I want to get this shooting method ,it is very easy to make this come real,you just need to choose the slo-mo,then push the red button.And I realized that maybe change the sence colour coule be cool.So I change the colour from none to noir.Then at the second I got the fantastic video at that moment.

For this video,I felt very incredible can get this part,just because the guy play the skateboard failed.I am so sorry about that because it looks like so hurt to him,but for me,it is really uncommon can catch for occasionally.And from slo-mo,we can see the slow action to fell about the failed like himself.It really can reflect the signification for this kind of sports.And it due to my iphone,let this easy to achieved immediately.It can not miss the important part when every movement occurs.And it prerequisite be my affordance:Immediacy.

Summary of Affordance

Summary of Affordance


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The affordance we have chosen for project two and three is ‘Immediacy’. We chose this affordance because of the possibility for how this could be interpreted and visualised, and it is an affordance almost unique to the mobile phone given a smart phone’s portability and size.
‘Immediacy’ involves the ability to record a moment in time without much forethought and to distribute the recording quickly and globally. It also involves feeling like you are in moment with the filmmaker and/or thier subject due to the rough quaility of filmmaking, simple editing, and use of unique P.O.V. that the smart phone camera affords.
One film we felt reflected the affordance of ‘immediacy’ was Tofu Man. There is a sense of immediacy and imformality with this film as we are in a small space, watching the protaganist work as he is being interviewed – I suspect with a bigger camera and more equipment this film would have felt less natural. The inclusion of the filmmaker’s questions from behind camera creates the feeling of being in this space and part of this conversation while being a simple, unaffected approach to documentary. This approach is emphasised further by use of simple editing (such as inclusion of jump cuts) and the inclusion of the mobile phone image rendition limitiations, such as lens distortion and blowouts. While this film doesn’t reflect immediate global disrtribution in the same way as #selfie #nofilter, we have a Vietnamese man, working in the western suburbs of Melbourne, whose story is recorded and distributed interntionally via the internet and film festivals.