Summary of Affordance

Summary of Affordance


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David Buckley-Jones S3564367

Peter Davison S3522715

YANLI Ma S3498569

CHANG Chen S3479562

The affordance we have chosen for project two and three is ‘Immediacy’. We chose this affordance because of the possibility for how this could be interpreted and visualised, and it is an affordance almost unique to the mobile phone given a smart phone’s portability and size.
‘Immediacy’ involves the ability to record a moment in time without much forethought and to distribute the recording quickly and globally. It also involves feeling like you are in moment with the filmmaker and/or thier subject due to the rough quaility of filmmaking, simple editing, and use of unique P.O.V. that the smart phone camera affords.
One film we felt reflected the affordance of ‘immediacy’ was Tofu Man. There is a sense of immediacy and imformality with this film as we are in a small space, watching the protaganist work as he is being interviewed – I suspect with a bigger camera and more equipment this film would have felt less natural. The inclusion of the filmmaker’s questions from behind camera creates the feeling of being in this space and part of this conversation while being a simple, unaffected approach to documentary. This approach is emphasised further by use of simple editing (such as inclusion of jump cuts) and the inclusion of the mobile phone image rendition limitiations, such as lens distortion and blowouts. While this film doesn’t reflect immediate global disrtribution in the same way as #selfie #nofilter, we have a Vietnamese man, working in the western suburbs of Melbourne, whose story is recorded and distributed interntionally via the internet and film festivals.

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