Sketch 2-PIM project 2


I got this video when I was walking through the central station with my friend Caroline,from the underground to the ground. I wanted to capture a  pedestrian kind of scene, and I was on the walking way to the state library. I did not have  too much thought and planning, I was just hold my iphone and shoot everything I feel interested as I walked. This kind of similar to our case study “1+1” from MINA 2014.I can record everything fresh in my daily life whatever I want immediately,and need not any complicated script and schedule.

By this way,I can record my daily life everyday for almost 60 seconds just only by my iphone.If any inspiration of creation burst out,I can capture it at that time very quickly,it is a very effective way to hold my memory and can not lose any afflatus.For my ideal film,I think it is a easy way to collect the materials at any time.I can got my footage without any planning and save my time to make it.As a media worker,when you saw something hits your heart at the first sight,and you want make it be a real footage,it almost connected with our group’s affordance:immediacy.

For this video,I used iphone to shoot,any edited it by app to add the free background music to express the emotion,then used the instagram to adjust the colour to make the audience feel a little different environment. Iphone shoot is very easy ,and edit is easy too,there are all kinds of video make app can help us to complete our capture sketch.And I think iphone video edit app can help you to make a real film to impress people’s eyes.

sketch2 from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

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