Sketch 18-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this video becausr I lived in the sky deck of my apartment,it is a public space, where the living room has a fireplace can warm the staff lit it, the whole room will be warm and I like to see the flames leaping inside feeling, likeIt is that part of the softest heart is slowly burning up. Everyone has become gentle up whole. I use slow motion recorded the beating flames look, you can clearly see the flames a little bit of the feeling of jumping in the air.

Sketch17-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this picture is just my roommates when he playing basketball,he sprained his foot and must walk by the day when he was on the balcony in a wheelchair looking out the scenery.I hid behind him took this video, and then post-production became a bit miserable atmosphere, looks like a living alone in a wheelchair, no one around to take care of themselves alone, watching the sunset, forbearanceI could not cry.

Sketch 16-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this video happens to be in our cmp class, the teacher let us set up an interview with the equipment, we’ll be ready for the arrival of the interview task.I converted a role, from the interviewee becomes a photographer, I was shooting this picture from my new angle, and before that a completely different atmosphere, you can see the interviewee sitting in front of the camera talking about the look, you can see the entire working group to do his duty look.I took out my cell phone to shoot at this moment.The whole picture looks more like a documentary film record, recorded the audience can not see behind the lens of the screen.

Sketch 15-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this video is spent a lot of effort when I was  went to Sydney to have a short trip with my friend ,we climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, standing on this side facing the city, holding my iphone carefully and captured  the deck  busy scene.Although the whole picture is only six seconds of  length, but  use of the time-paste model, I actually took a very long time, in order to stabilize my picture, I have my hand tightly clutching the phone, next time I’ll use a tripod to fixed it, in order to obtain better and more stable image quality.

Sketch 13-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this video is a weekend I with my friend to go to Sydney have a short trip, when I sat in the upper layer of the double-decker bus tours, this is a completely open space, I took out my  iphone at that time and recorded the  bus’s entired journey from the  city to the sea by the time-paste model .You can see that although the action is fast, but the scenery along the road is still very clear, if it is taken with a normal speed, the entire screen may be some boring and tedious.With the rapid degrees, you can make people feel comfortable travel, but also can enjoy the scenery not to be missed.

Sketch 12-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I was the day I got this video to accompany a friend to go shopping, she is the selection of their favorite products, I was suddenly beside a small toy attracts. This is a need to move on winding little toy, it is a human being swimming shape, as long as you struck him in the spring, his legs and arms will keep started to move, it looks like a person is struggling to swim.This toy is very cute and funny that I’ve been laughing, I helped him to move  by clockwork, let him on  the shopping mall’s ground has begun to play, I  pulled out my cellphone to record the moment of joy immediately.

After I finished the shooting, I make the video turn to a different one by the app in my iphone, so the picture  looks a bit richer and  layering, not just a toy on  the ground, it looks like there have four toys are playing.The phone I am more satisfied with shooting, you can shoot close, it has been an ideal picture, see this lovely picture, immediately filmed using a mobile phone.In the next shot, I will be more focused on moving objects being photographed, so that the whole picture is more smooth and clear.

Sketch11-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I took this picture the day is to be a traditional Chinese festival, , which is the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Meet my friends and I went to the beach, we had never been seen already sunset, dusk time. Seaside has a brother and sister, they took their pet dog, looks very relaxed look, brother playing in the hands of a few balls, he followed them into the air, then turn connected to the hands and then throws the ball in his hands to form a perfect circle. I immediately took the phone, and slow motion to record this moment, I had to think of a better showing in slow motion sure the ball trajectory.

Through I shoot the sketch for  several  times, when I need to slow-motion shooting already has a very clear concept and saw the boy playing with a ball, I immediately thought if you can shoot in slow motion effect will be better.I have a clear record of playing in the cozy seaside look, the boy looked up, looked at the hands of the balls into the air, his face still had a happy smile. Distant sunset colors especially good-looking, and swayed the boy’s face, more good-looking.

Presentation-PIM project 3

With the development of the mobile phone and video network, more and more social events and life documentary record all taken by netizens and online, a lot of sensational insider events and hot video is so funny.Now science and technology development speed is amazing, smartphone penetration rate is quite high, the configuration of mobile phones is becoming more and more advanced, if the phone can be used as a kind of filming equipment, so the film this dream is closer to the public step, perhaps, mobile phone micro movie this new thing, will give those of young people have a dream but a lack of money to bring new opportunities.

Give an example to my personal experience, I in the swanston Street saw a street singer, I use my mobile phones to shoot his singing, in the tram I back to home on the road I have used the phone built-in editing software to  completed a five minute documentary named the  “stray singer”, and I even can immediately sent to another mobile phone or any electronic mailbox! This is a new experience in the past, the creation of any kind of film has never had a new experience!

First, the camera can do not much, less amount of such clips up would not be so tired, of course the main express needs or wants to see you. Clap to the lens before about an idea. In order to facilitate communication with the actor, can draw a small sketch is better. Master the key is, the pen in his hand a little sketch, you will find how much you like a real director!

Second, the photography can close don’t far. Although you feel have too much of the grand scenes in the movie in my head, but don’t forget, you now just use a cell phone in a movie, picture it not much bigger than the stamps! To let people see what you get, will try to get the content of the picture simple and clear, people use close shot or features. In particular scenes with dialogue, too far away from the mobile phone is recorded unclear actor in what to say, except, of course, to shout, “help” (don’t dismiss mobile phone film, we but at the same time recording!) .

Third, light, color should be bright. Because one’s current level of mobile phone camera to light and dark colored screen performance is not ideal, popular said that under the condition of the picture appears very rough (before the mobile phone camera level raise, only less nighttime photographs). It is special remind too loud petty clothes, don’t let the actors especially pinstripe, a small reason is our picture.

Fourth, the movement wants slow. Do not think that a mobile movie actor is easy! Because a move quickly, image Mosaic can occur easily. Of course, don’t let the movie actor move that return to call? But to be clever, such as the action as far as possible concise, designed to process to slow, have a try to stay as much as possible. Also don’t forget, you want to use a lot of push and pull in pan the camera movement, remember that action must be slow to steady (how slow? Think of tai chi chuan. . Ha ha, it seems still to take phone action plan into the mobile video technology is improved.

I use the iphone app FilmicPro to shoot the film, and then use the Final Cut Pro on film editing. Although I through the computer to edit the footage, but the work can also be well done by mobile phones.

Filming a smartphone, even if not to use the latest version of a chain of headphones, shooting the film quality is also very good, is beyond the expectation of the students before.

Of course, the use of intelligent mobile phone film is not perfect, too. The iPhone is not able to provide all the scene in the ideal color balance.

As long as there is a function of the mobile phone is equipped with a portable shooting equipment. Plus a number of mobile phones and even have a built-in video editing and simple music software, so a new concept of the production of film was born – this is the mobile phone film! It’s new in almost anyone can shoot anywhere and make a real movie! But also through the communication network instant transfer of film!

The best media, the best reporters can not always guarantee that the emergence of any event occurred at the same time, but the mobile phone has changed this reality – everyone has the potential to become a record of the event.

From a  technical angle, the shooting and imaging principle of the mobile phone film and the DV technology has not essential difference, in fact,it is a new DV technology.Today people almost do not leave their mobile phone, and shared the network function of the mobile phone, the first film shooting, editing, transmission, play fully integrated in the same small portable device, which is a lot of people easily overlooked but it is truly revolutionary change.

The change of tools is a decisive factor in the birth of a new art form, which brings about the creation idea, the creation content, the creation subject and the material form of the work!

Using a mobile phone to make a movie,the most prominent feature is personalized. Take what, how to shoot, everything is only in your own grasp. But you if not only entertain, also want good frame performance, also is to let others like, moving a lot of brains. Of course, things are not very complicated, after all, you need to get only a cell phone.

Directly open the lens cover into the mobile shooting mode, press the shutter “beep” sound shooting began, and then press the “Di” of a voice over. If you are not trying to shoot a movie shoot up, or to cross over the mobile phone. After shooting the phone will automatically generate a file. In the setting of a mobile phone, there is a selection of “white balance”, which is simply to make the performance more realistic in different light sources. But sometimes deliberately anti its Daoxing, will get the special effects, such as “cloudy” mode is selected in the lighting conditions, will make the picture more like classical oil painting colors, looks more like a movie. That’s what you try to know. Set there’s a “effect” settings, try the “black and white” or “Brown” will make your movie look more professional and more cool!

Of course, I believe that everyone has the potential to create their own unique mobile phone movie language, which is the charm of mobile phones.Think about a film that is completely made by you, and it’s a great sense of accomplishment. Especially when your friends with a wide eyed ask you this is the work which the director when, you casually told him that this is your work, and you only a phone, a friend’s eye will open wider.