sketch 1-PIM project3


I got this sketch when my friend invited me to attend her graduation ceremony at the university of Melbourne.I wanted  to help her to capture some moments for her memory.This footage is about 48 seconds.I just shoot whatever I saw and this is the most interested part from my view to see my friend’s action. Everytime when I changed my frame to the different details about whole ceremony,I can got the different fragment.As you know,the mobile phone is very easy to hold without other equipment to keep it shooting as long as you like.I did not spend too much time to design the frame.If I feel this moment touch my heart,I can shoot it at once.This kind of same to our case study “NYC” form MINA 2014.

From this method,I can record most of  the graduates’ families and friends sitting in the hall,their eyes filled with gratified and expectation  just by my iphone.I really like the moment of every graduates  get their graduation certificates from the principal.I also shoot my friends’ parents take pictures for her daughter.They shared with each other what they captured and little satisfied smiles animating their faces.The way in which can make the audience feel so warm and build a real story atmosphere in a film scene.

For me,make this sketch,I just used my mobile phone by myself to capture.At the first time I did not choose the perfect light of sight,so I just got the over exposure,the whole frame turned into white and hardly to see clearly.Then I changed the angle,make sure the frame take the perfect scenes. After the shooting I use an app to combine the every footage to be a whole one.It make me have the inspiration to shoot the real film in the future.

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