Sketch10-PIM project3

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The best media, the best reporters can not always guarantee that the emergence of any event occurred at the same time, but the mobile phone has changed this reality – everyone has the potential to become a record of the event.Today people almost do not leave their mobile phone, and shared the network function of the mobile phone, the first film shooting, editing, transmission, play fully integrated in the same small portable device, which is a lot of people easily overlooked but it is truly revolutionary change.The change of tools is a decisive factor in the birth of a new art form, which brings about the creation idea, the creation content, the creation subject and the material form of the work!

Using a mobile phone to make a movie,the most prominent feature is personalized. Take what, how to shoot, everything is only in your own grasp. But you if not only entertain, also want good frame performance, also is to let others like, moving a lot of brains. Of course, things are not very complicated, after all, you need to get only a cell phone.

I got this video happens to be in our cmp class, the teacher let us set up an interview with the equipment, we’ll be ready for the arrival of the interview task. I happen to be recommended to the students pretend to do this interview, of course, this role is randomly changed and exchanged in order to allow students to get proper exercise. When I sat on the interviewee’s chair, I was attracted immediate scene, each student very seriously in this role should complete their task, some students adjust the camera angle and height, as well as white balance problems, some students adjust audio sound is working, some students in directing how we should do next, which is a  director’s work.

I took out my cell phone to shoot at this moment, then the latter part of the whole picture made with a silent black and white mime seems like everyone’s movements, facial expressions make up the whole picture rich and vivid.

Sketch 9-PIM project3

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I shot this video, there is one night I was a guest at a friend’s house back from their home, on my way to home in  the sporadic rain, when I get my tram ,I saw the tram window glass rain wet, like a string of raindrops to this picture automatically add a layer of special effects and filters. I took out my cell phone, it is fixed in the window mullions, to ensure the bumpy car so that you can get a stable picture, car moving, and I followed in moving pictures through the windows hung with raindrops glass, vague can see the street side of the store and hurry hurry passers in the picture.

I really like because of the rain and let the whole picture becomes very artistic atmosphere, moving images, subtle shadows, if it is in a real movie, I believe it can be used in a love theme for the film city , the heroine sitting on the bus looking out the window constantly moving rain scene, my mind began to recall the love get along together bit by bit, those memories in a raindrop background, began to have a romantic atmosphere, but it all just with a small cell phone can easily be achieved immediately.This video does not require any post-processing can be obtained naturally want to convey to the audience the atmosphere, and immediately took out your cell phone, make your life around and everything looks very ordinary scene would have been instantly transformed into a real movie.

Sketch 8-PIM project3

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I record this people do not have independent will follow along with applause the moment, is in the fight for gay marriage legal parade, the host with the microphone and everyone talked excitedly, Melbourne legal marriage that day is coming. The whole crowd boiling, and we are very excited to enjoy this inspiring moment. I saw tears in the eyes of some people, some people applaud people around edges and kiss, I know this though for us is a very common word, but for them, the outsiders can not understand undergone how many twists and turns and the efforts of many people, in order to return the government to allow and support. I sincerely feel happy for them, but also look forward to that day will coming soon.

Shot this video when I stand on the sidelines of the crowd, only to take back people’s head, can not shoot very clear to people’s facial expressions. As mobile phones to take, it is indeed difficult to capture some of the details of the picture, unless it is particularly close shots. If in the future to shoot my final project, I will certainly take into  this aspect, in addition to the vision,not only filming the entire great atmosphere, but also a small detail rendering.Anyway, once using a mobile phone to capture any screen to give you inspiration, it is the magic of mobile phones to take. I really like the way, you can accumulate a lot of material to complete the final project.

Sketch 7-PIM project3

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That attending legal marriage for gay parade, I am also very excited, although China is a very conservative country, but a generation of our young people should be regardless of gender identity and the presence of both reasonable. We should respect every form of existence of people and things. On the way back to school, I saw a pair of very intimate gay couple, they seemed so harmonious,it looks like  they had just ended their appointment,they are reluctant to prepare to leave, I was deeply touched by this scene , immediately took out my cell phone camera to capture this warm scene.

My only regret is that I am a little far away from them, and the whole picture is not very clear, and perhaps this is the drawback of the phone is just shooting distance and angle, as well as for lighting requirements will be a bit high. Otherwise, take the picture may not be ideal. After shooting finished I used the phone in the APP was editor, I would like to highlight the performance of their separate moment of devotion, so I repeated that one second, let them kiss repeated several times. Although the whole picture became a little funny, but I know I must convey to the audience the importance of love, regardless of gender, every world all the good things we need to forgive and understand, and to do their best possible to support them.

Sketch 6-PIM project3

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I got this video was a very accidental opportunity.That day I was ready to go to school, suddenly I felt  a little bit strange outside the balcony.I known that day is rained a while ago.When I opened the balcony’s door and  have a look,at that moment, I actually cried out.I saw a amazing big double rainbow just across in front of my eyes, after I came to Australian, I really have seen a lot of rainbows, but like this completely and huge definitely was the first one.I was so excited about that I  can have this chance to capture this picture.

I just used my iphone to record the happening things.But I had a little regret for this sketch  I shot,just because I was too excited to capture the perfect one,I just took out the phone and shoot, did not think of  this situation calmly and coolly about the best perspective and screen.Directly rush into the mobile shooting mode, just press the big red button.As you know the rainbow appeared also have a close relation with the time, he is also the transient beauty of nature.If you want to set up the completely equipment to get the perfect one.So it right is our affordance:you can shot everything as you can at once.And After shooting the phone will automatically generate a  completely video footage. In the setting of a mobile phone, that is very easy can approach it.And the smart phone also has a “effect” settings, try the “black and white” or “Brown”effect  will make your movie look more professional and more cool!

Sketch 5-PIM project3

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I got this sketch just  several days ago when I finished the parades on my way back to school,I was just being filmed  the roadside’s scenery,suddenly I saw a strange man came into my iphone’s frame, he was took a strange mask which from the movie named the V for Vendetta.Because I was very familiar with that film, so I noticed that mask at the first sight.And my iphone can capture this immediatly.I really like this picture,a little kind of strange and weird,when I captured this man the streets turned to the strange atmosphere.

By this way,I  can captured the unexpected event just by my iphone at that moment very quickly.With this scene the whole atmosphere could from the normal to unusal.I definitely believe that I can get a full length feature film shot 100% on a cell phone.The characteristics of the mobile media are: mobility, personality, multimedia, interactive, etc..If the mobile phone film want  to get development, must  based on the characteristics of the mobile media to carry out creative, shooting and production, in order to be more suitable for the mobile media player, to a certain extent and the characteristics of the mobile phone media. The biggest feature of the mobile phone film is “short”, which is determined by the mobile media’s mobility, the constraints of the mobile phone screen and the audience’s view of the mind. Mobile media’s mobility has liberated people’s view of the environment, people can take a viewing at anytime and anywhere.Then anytime is just our affordence.

sketch4 -PIM project 3


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Taken this video when I just finished my yoga  from yoga club ,and I was waiting for the tram back to home, at that time beside the road,there was a small park a lady was feeding the pigeons.I was attracted by the atmosphere of harmony between human and animal.The other side of the road is hurrying pedestrians under the dim light of night, maybe some of them are rushing back to the warm home with their families have dinner together.I was very easy to move by some small details of  the daily life.In this sketch,I felt the lady’s warmheartedness,also felt the pigeons racing to get the food and vibration their wings in every second.

I got this sketch,focus on the pigeons’s wings.I just used my iphone by slow-mo method.You can see the  pedestrian walking by,the lady scattered  the food from her hands,In that world,she just like the queen,the pigeons fly up very slowly in that moment looks like a real movie in slow motion.It’s clearly without any doubt that slow motion is one of the great film best choice of all time – drawing out an action or dramatic beat is a great way to increase tension.It is impossible to take a film seriously when every frame is overcranked to the point of simplicities.So movies must use slow motion the way they use action sequences – sparingly, and with creativity.

sketch3-PIM project 3


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This section of the video just from me received a gift from a friend there.One day, my friend took a book looks very strange to me, she said  that book named the secret garden, it would very suitable at this time when I want to calm down and have a good idea of the script to me. I read this quite distinctive book very carefully,then I found this interactive activity book takes me on a ramble through a secret garden created in beautifully detailed pen-and-ink illustrations – all waiting to be brought to life through colouring, but each also sheltering all kinds of tiny creatures just waiting to be found. And there are also bits of the garden that still need to be completed by myself. Appealing to all ages, the intricately-realized world of the Secret Garden is both beautiful and inspirational.In order to record this scene which I draw one picture of the book, the whole process from scratch.
I just used my mobile phones, fixed on a tripod, choose perfect shooting Angle, select the time-lapse model began to filming.In the process of drawing, I have  the idea to record this for the moment, so I immediately took out my mobile phone and  just  shot, I think it is definitely our affordance:Immediacy. In this way, I think I can get a fantastic footage in the future,such as: the city has busy traffic scene,rapidly changing natural scenery as the opening or in the middle of the film to build the time flies and a rapidly changing atmosphere.You can see the whole picture  was very fast and flow,the painting brush strokes and the moment didn’t stay at one place for long time.