Sketch 5-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this sketch just  several days ago when I finished the parades on my way back to school,I was just being filmed  the roadside’s scenery,suddenly I saw a strange man came into my iphone’s frame, he was took a strange mask which from the movie named the V for Vendetta.Because I was very familiar with that film, so I noticed that mask at the first sight.And my iphone can capture this immediatly.I really like this picture,a little kind of strange and weird,when I captured this man the streets turned to the strange atmosphere.

By this way,I  can captured the unexpected event just by my iphone at that moment very quickly.With this scene the whole atmosphere could from the normal to unusal.I definitely believe that I can get a full length feature film shot 100% on a cell phone.The characteristics of the mobile media are: mobility, personality, multimedia, interactive, etc..If the mobile phone film want  to get development, must  based on the characteristics of the mobile media to carry out creative, shooting and production, in order to be more suitable for the mobile media player, to a certain extent and the characteristics of the mobile phone media. The biggest feature of the mobile phone film is “short”, which is determined by the mobile media’s mobility, the constraints of the mobile phone screen and the audience’s view of the mind. Mobile media’s mobility has liberated people’s view of the environment, people can take a viewing at anytime and anywhere.Then anytime is just our affordence.

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