Sketch 6-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this video was a very accidental opportunity.That day I was ready to go to school, suddenly I felt  a little bit strange outside the balcony.I known that day is rained a while ago.When I opened the balcony’s door and  have a look,at that moment, I actually cried out.I saw a amazing big double rainbow just across in front of my eyes, after I came to Australian, I really have seen a lot of rainbows, but like this completely and huge definitely was the first one.I was so excited about that I  can have this chance to capture this picture.

I just used my iphone to record the happening things.But I had a little regret for this sketch  I shot,just because I was too excited to capture the perfect one,I just took out the phone and shoot, did not think of  this situation calmly and coolly about the best perspective and screen.Directly rush into the mobile shooting mode, just press the big red button.As you know the rainbow appeared also have a close relation with the time, he is also the transient beauty of nature.If you want to set up the completely equipment to get the perfect one.So it right is our affordance:you can shot everything as you can at once.And After shooting the phone will automatically generate a  completely video footage. In the setting of a mobile phone, that is very easy can approach it.And the smart phone also has a “effect” settings, try the “black and white” or “Brown”effect  will make your movie look more professional and more cool!

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