Sketch 7-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

That attending legal marriage for gay parade, I am also very excited, although China is a very conservative country, but a generation of our young people should be regardless of gender identity and the presence of both reasonable. We should respect every form of existence of people and things. On the way back to school, I saw a pair of very intimate gay couple, they seemed so harmonious,it looks like  they had just ended their appointment,they are reluctant to prepare to leave, I was deeply touched by this scene , immediately took out my cell phone camera to capture this warm scene.

My only regret is that I am a little far away from them, and the whole picture is not very clear, and perhaps this is the drawback of the phone is just shooting distance and angle, as well as for lighting requirements will be a bit high. Otherwise, take the picture may not be ideal. After shooting finished I used the phone in the APP was editor, I would like to highlight the performance of their separate moment of devotion, so I repeated that one second, let them kiss repeated several times. Although the whole picture became a little funny, but I know I must convey to the audience the importance of love, regardless of gender, every world all the good things we need to forgive and understand, and to do their best possible to support them.

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