Sketch 8-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I record this people do not have independent will follow along with applause the moment, is in the fight for gay marriage legal parade, the host with the microphone and everyone talked excitedly, Melbourne legal marriage that day is coming. The whole crowd boiling, and we are very excited to enjoy this inspiring moment. I saw tears in the eyes of some people, some people applaud people around edges and kiss, I know this though for us is a very common word, but for them, the outsiders can not understand undergone how many twists and turns and the efforts of many people, in order to return the government to allow and support. I sincerely feel happy for them, but also look forward to that day will coming soon.

Shot this video when I stand on the sidelines of the crowd, only to take back people’s head, can not shoot very clear to people’s facial expressions. As mobile phones to take, it is indeed difficult to capture some of the details of the picture, unless it is particularly close shots. If in the future to shoot my final project, I will certainly take into  this aspect, in addition to the vision,not only filming the entire great atmosphere, but also a small detail rendering.Anyway, once using a mobile phone to capture any screen to give you inspiration, it is the magic of mobile phones to take. I really like the way, you can accumulate a lot of material to complete the final project.

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