Sketch 9-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I shot this video, there is one night I was a guest at a friend’s house back from their home, on my way to home in  the sporadic rain, when I get my tram ,I saw the tram window glass rain wet, like a string of raindrops to this picture automatically add a layer of special effects and filters. I took out my cell phone, it is fixed in the window mullions, to ensure the bumpy car so that you can get a stable picture, car moving, and I followed in moving pictures through the windows hung with raindrops glass, vague can see the street side of the store and hurry hurry passers in the picture.

I really like because of the rain and let the whole picture becomes very artistic atmosphere, moving images, subtle shadows, if it is in a real movie, I believe it can be used in a love theme for the film city , the heroine sitting on the bus looking out the window constantly moving rain scene, my mind began to recall the love get along together bit by bit, those memories in a raindrop background, began to have a romantic atmosphere, but it all just with a small cell phone can easily be achieved immediately.This video does not require any post-processing can be obtained naturally want to convey to the audience the atmosphere, and immediately took out your cell phone, make your life around and everything looks very ordinary scene would have been instantly transformed into a real movie.

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