Sketch10-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

The best media, the best reporters can not always guarantee that the emergence of any event occurred at the same time, but the mobile phone has changed this reality – everyone has the potential to become a record of the event.Today people almost do not leave their mobile phone, and shared the network function of the mobile phone, the first film shooting, editing, transmission, play fully integrated in the same small portable device, which is a lot of people easily overlooked but it is truly revolutionary change.The change of tools is a decisive factor in the birth of a new art form, which brings about the creation idea, the creation content, the creation subject and the material form of the work!

Using a mobile phone to make a movie,the most prominent feature is personalized. Take what, how to shoot, everything is only in your own grasp. But you if not only entertain, also want good frame performance, also is to let others like, moving a lot of brains. Of course, things are not very complicated, after all, you need to get only a cell phone.

I got this video happens to be in our cmp class, the teacher let us set up an interview with the equipment, we’ll be ready for the arrival of the interview task. I happen to be recommended to the students pretend to do this interview, of course, this role is randomly changed and exchanged in order to allow students to get proper exercise. When I sat on the interviewee’s chair, I was attracted immediate scene, each student very seriously in this role should complete their task, some students adjust the camera angle and height, as well as white balance problems, some students adjust audio sound is working, some students in directing how we should do next, which is a  director’s work.

I took out my cell phone to shoot at this moment, then the latter part of the whole picture made with a silent black and white mime seems like everyone’s movements, facial expressions make up the whole picture rich and vivid.

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