sketch4 -PIM project 3


Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

Taken this video when I just finished my yoga  from yoga club ,and I was waiting for the tram back to home, at that time beside the road,there was a small park a lady was feeding the pigeons.I was attracted by the atmosphere of harmony between human and animal.The other side of the road is hurrying pedestrians under the dim light of night, maybe some of them are rushing back to the warm home with their families have dinner together.I was very easy to move by some small details of  the daily life.In this sketch,I felt the lady’s warmheartedness,also felt the pigeons racing to get the food and vibration their wings in every second.

I got this sketch,focus on the pigeons’s wings.I just used my iphone by slow-mo method.You can see the  pedestrian walking by,the lady scattered  the food from her hands,In that world,she just like the queen,the pigeons fly up very slowly in that moment looks like a real movie in slow motion.It’s clearly without any doubt that slow motion is one of the great film best choice of all time – drawing out an action or dramatic beat is a great way to increase tension.It is impossible to take a film seriously when every frame is overcranked to the point of simplicities.So movies must use slow motion the way they use action sequences – sparingly, and with creativity.

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