Sketch 12-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I was the day I got this video to accompany a friend to go shopping, she is the selection of their favorite products, I was suddenly beside a small toy attracts. This is a need to move on winding little toy, it is a human being swimming shape, as long as you struck him in the spring, his legs and arms will keep started to move, it looks like a person is struggling to swim.This toy is very cute and funny that I’ve been laughing, I helped him to move  by clockwork, let him on  the shopping mall’s ground has begun to play, I  pulled out my cellphone to record the moment of joy immediately.

After I finished the shooting, I make the video turn to a different one by the app in my iphone, so the picture  looks a bit richer and  layering, not just a toy on  the ground, it looks like there have four toys are playing.The phone I am more satisfied with shooting, you can shoot close, it has been an ideal picture, see this lovely picture, immediately filmed using a mobile phone.In the next shot, I will be more focused on moving objects being photographed, so that the whole picture is more smooth and clear.

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