Sketch11-PIM project3

Untitled from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I took this picture the day is to be a traditional Chinese festival, , which is the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Meet my friends and I went to the beach, we had never been seen already sunset, dusk time. Seaside has a brother and sister, they took their pet dog, looks very relaxed look, brother playing in the hands of a few balls, he followed them into the air, then turn connected to the hands and then throws the ball in his hands to form a perfect circle. I immediately took the phone, and slow motion to record this moment, I had to think of a better showing in slow motion sure the ball trajectory.

Through I shoot the sketch for  several  times, when I need to slow-motion shooting already has a very clear concept and saw the boy playing with a ball, I immediately thought if you can shoot in slow motion effect will be better.I have a clear record of playing in the cozy seaside look, the boy looked up, looked at the hands of the balls into the air, his face still had a happy smile. Distant sunset colors especially good-looking, and swayed the boy’s face, more good-looking.

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