sketch21-PIM project3

Time Past from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

I got this idea just because of my several sketchs shooting days before.Time-lapse photography, also known as time-lapse photography,is a compression of the time shooting techniques. It is a set of photographs taken or video, post photos series by pumping or video frame, the minutes, hours or even several days a few years the process of compression within a short period of time in the way of video playback. In the period of time-lapse photography video, object or scene slow process of change is compressed into a short period of time, usually showing naked eye can not detect strange wonderful sight. Time-lapse photography and high-speed photography can be considered the opposite of a process. Time-lapse photography is usually used in the shooting city scenery, natural scenery, astronomical phenomena, municipal, building manufacturing, biological evolution and other topics.

I really like the video made by my iphone,it makes the time-lapse photography become so easy,and I just need choose the theme,the frame and the angle.And I also need the tripod to shoot the stable picture.Time-lapse photography shot mainly in natural scenery and urban cultural and biological activity based.

Stability overrides everything. Be sure to firmly secure the camera in a sturdy tripod to avoid wind and other causes camera shake resulting in recording failure.
Avoid unnecessary debris into the screen. As the shooting on the road to avoid pedestrians into the picture, we must stand in a place away from the cameras the sidewalk.
Prepare sufficient spare batteries, memory cards, time-lapse photography in general have to work a few hours or tens of hours, so be sure to prepare an adequate length of time required for attachment according to material, under the conditions allowed to shoot the best AC power .