Iteration 2-PIM project4

STAY TRUE from Ailee Ma on Vimeo.

Edit by Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Background Music source from

I got this idea just because I want to keep  the things’ movement in the real life when you open your heart to feel it.Pretty much anything you’d want to look, feel or otherwise make a close observation.I’m having a hard time thinking of a better use for slow motion effects.It doesn’t matter what it is — for some reason, even the most mundane things look amazing when you slow them down to a hundredth or thousandth of the speed. In my project3,I already got some sketches by slow motion.A boy playing the ball beside the sea, a guy playing the skating on the road, a dog is running; you name it and it probably looks better in slow motion.

Through the footage shows a lot of things we can met in our daily life.Because in the last draft I used the time-lapse to present what I want to express the passing time ,and that sketch almost focus on the daytime.So when I figure out my final video’s theme and style,the night view would be my best choice.I would like  to try the different style to catch my every efforts.

As you see,at the video’s beginning,I got the view like the person on the ground,I can have a different new angle to feel the same place,there was no people ,empty and a little dark,the atmosphere makes the audience can catch the first sight,maybe lonely,cold or a little bit of mysterious.To catch the every footage was hard to me ,It took a long time  to got my final footages.I always struggled to make the different vision and atmosphere can touch the audience.But once if  I determined the theme in my mind, what kind of footage is needed would occurs in front of my eyes naturally.

In this final video I kept the natural audio to build the completely new world,I do not want rely on the background music to stop me from developing my expressive abilities.And I also find the free music named ‘feeling dark’ from the internet to complete the whole atmosphere.Especially I really like the scene from the seaside,I could hear the sound of the waves beating the shore,after the editing,I change the original colour to create an unusual feel.Then I put my iphone  in a waterproof bag and shoot out the underwater scene.I change the colour and adjust the audio,you can see the sun shining through the sea,and can clearly hear the voice of the seawater.It meaning whatever the impossible hard,finally could get the light.

Mobile phones really provide me with a good way to record the details  easy be ignored in the usual life which usually people don’t think it is worth to record, may turn around and forget it.That is definitely our group’s affordance:immediacy.I can record everything I see  in my first sight,and by the different angle or add some edit,I can make a real film.