My final video work was made just by my Iphone6 plus,I do not use any mobile app.I try to shoot in the different angle to get the better footages.Sometimes I just use the slow motion function of  my mobile phone.I choose to develop ideas discovered in this sketch (https://aileego.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/sketch11-pim-project3/) into a mobile video work (https://vimeo.com/142965948) for these reasons.It doesn’t matter what it is — for some reason, even the most mundane things look amazing when you slow them down to a hundredth or thousandth of the speed. In my project3,I already got some sketches by slow motion.A boy playing the ball beside the sea, a guy playing the skating on the road, a dog is running; you name it and it probably looks better in slow motion.Through the footage shows a lot of things we can met in our daily life.Because in the last draft I used the time-lapse to present what I want to express the passing time ,and that sketch almost focus on the daytime.So when I figure out my final video’s theme and style,the night view would be my best choice.I would like  to try the different style to catch my every efforts.

As you see,at the video’s beginning,I got the view like the person on the ground,I can have a different new angle to feel the same place,there was no people ,empty and a little dark,the atmosphere makes the audience can catch the first sight,maybe lonely,cold or a little bit of mysterious.To catch the every footage was hard to me ,It took a long time  to got my final footages.I always struggled to make the different vision and atmosphere can touch the audience.But once if  I determined the theme in my mind, what kind of footage is needed would occurs in front of my eyes naturally.

My understanding of the affordance that we chose shifted from this initial understanding to my own individual understanding, which was that immediacy is your feeling for now.If you have a mobile phone,you can get every kind of footage if you want.Working from this premise my video work was informed by the MINA named ‘Toufu man’ and aimed to communicate with people if you can not see the beautiful things from your eyes,when time slow down,you can fell it.And you could be stay true.