Task 2: write a digital narrative outline

Watch what happens about five Chinese people from various education backgrounds have outstanding achievements in their career fields in Australia. It is the biggest choice that you should make in your career – to start a career before you graduate. This documentary will let people know about what real life should be, then find your real dream career.

At the beginning of the video, the audience will hear the narration of this video and see the elaborate Melbourne city and street scenes. After this, the screen will display several  pedestrians on the crossroads, where several pedestrians are highlighted when you move your mouse over the frame gently, and this time you can choose to click on the person you are interested in. Select the next character to show different content.

The web documentary will be using clicks on the text links or image links to run the user Interaction. You will have the right to choose the interested options. For example, in the beginning of the movie, you can select a person as you like, then you will begin to follow him to observe his whole day. Every protagonist of the video, along with the storytelling will have different questions appear on the screen, you just as the game players can choose a question  to ask the different protagonist. Then, through the question, it will be related to the next fragments.

Our project will be an observation documentary, the photographer will not in front of the  camera, the crew will not have any interactive with the protagonists, only follows the protagonists to observe their truly daily life. Most of the shooting will be done by hand-held camera, it will also be more realistic. In the editing, the choice of the storytelling will by the audience’s decision, so the post-editing work is mainly about how to make all the types of  the footages match the various options.



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