Task 5: audience analysis

Firstly, I am a international student , I have a profound experience after graduation to choose my favorite job at  Australia,it  is  like a dream for me and  most of the students. So in order to give each  graduates a chance to have a better future career planning, as well as before they choose  their major with a basic understanding. Also this story can give the graduates  undertaken about the following job’s content. It can make them have a early experience to know the fun and frustration of the job for them to know the  foundation to engage in this professional job .

The story is a totally original creative project. Our original idea is just want to do something can help the international students to find their dream job. When I began to do my work placement, I have known several successful people come from china and they were international students many years ago. So I got an idea, if I can come out a documentary about them, just recording them for one real working day to show the real situation they  would met. This story is toughly relevant to my audience, the international students from china who want to startup their dream job.

We will publish our story before the end of next semester. The platform is online video which is suited to my audience. The hardware will involve a set of Lighting kits, wire mics, one Sony Z7 and one Canon 5D3 for camera operate. It can provide the audience with colorful, dynamic and entertaining sequences along with a sense of positive version. And the YouTube is still the biggest online video platform by far. And we also build the ‘Startup Australia’ account on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Wechat to present our story. We can grow our audience and brand reach.

This story’s target audience is the international students from china who want to startup their dream job. We will present our story to the specific  group we will target in promoting this story.

When will you create the content and start to engage your audience? What is the production process and publishing schedule?

List of content that should be published based on our content strategy. It is a cost-effective way to reach more prospects and engage our audience. The list can include yet-to-be developed content, existing content or content that will be repurposed or repackaged for our audience.I am the producer, responsible for production process and publishing schedule.

Many consider the pre-production issue is the most important part in the documentary making process. In pre-production we plan all the logistical and creative aspects of the production, while trying to think about all possible problems and tackle them in advance. For that reason, a good, comprehensive pre-production can save us a lot of time and effort. I should also have the time to make researches about the background for the interviews. Planning our schedule is a major part of pre-production. Try to estimate how many days of production you’re going to need in order to get all the wanted audio and visual materials, and plan our days in the most cost-effective way possible. And I also need to be settled in the pre-production section are finding locations, designing and constructing sets, planning basic camera movement and coming up with Plan Bs in case things don’t go as planned (e.g. weather problems).

Our final project will present as a interactive platform, the audience will choose the way as they like, they will have a positive way to participate in the narrative. And through their choice, we can get the feedback about what is the most point to attractive their eyes and avoid us not to touch the wrong way to find the dream job.

Reference list:

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