Task 9: EPOC media objects

I just create a sample scene for the electronic proof of concept in the form of a video clip for my final project proposal.

Here is the link to the media object.

In other words, identify Focus on something  Think about what the significance of this new insight might be for your learning and future practice.

From creating this media object, I learned an insight thing. Don’t overshoot! Overshooting means filming far more footage than is actually required. This is extremely bad practice in our interview section, it  changed my thinking  that I hadn’t realized before. Frankly, it drives me and my group member absolutely crazy!

In documentaries, especially if I am shooting and directing the footage myself, it is very much within my control. I need to develop the discipline and confidence that once I have the shot I want and I don’t need to do it again! But when it shows crew and production that I am not confident in knowing we have the shot or sequence we need. When we at the last but not least there’ll be mountains of footage to wade through in post production, which will ultimately cost the production time.So after that experience I remembered that  its quality not quantity that counts.