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Watch what happens when Chinese people live in Australia, from different cultural

backgrounds, aims to deal with their problems and their difficulties during their daily life, among with a series of online video present on Chinese website and Youtube.

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Our project will offer the useful information to the Chinese people live in Australia. We will make a series of online video which aims to help the Chinese people live in Australia to solve their problems in their daily life. For example, how to rent a suitable property quickly when the people come to Australia first time? How to make friends when they live in Australia by themselves? This project has a deep relationship with our lives.

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Living in another country has been around for centuries and is one of the most important institutions in modern society. But whilst our online video, it can helps people realized how to solve the problems they faced.This series follows the lives of several Chinese people from vastly different background who will occur different problems in their life.

Each episode begins with the people told us which problem they must deal with. As they told the whole situation, we find out exactly what happens what we can help them. The project  then investigates the real situation for the whole thing then work out the solution to deal with it. The last scenes will show if the people satisfied with our solution.

Every episode is told through the real people their real life. In the episode our guide will appear through the research and the interview.

Being on the inside of this project, the people will introduces the situation, the problems they faced. We will set the scene by explaining the real situation on the street in Melbourne to build a real world to the audience.

The episode can bring the audience closer to the Media, give the viewers the opportunity to participate in.


In China, every local television station have this style program to help people deal with their problems, and they can help people everything  permeated into every respect of social life. But we have not seen this kind of program in Australia for Chinese. So we creative this project for help Chinese to enjoy their Australia life.

Production / Style


The 10 x 5 minutes programs have high practical value that will leave a more direct impression of Australia, along with talk show style tutorial for helping the audience to find solutions to solve the problems. This combination of street interview and tutorial will give the viewers a more vivid and sensible image of living in Australia.


Visual Style


Warm colors and natural lighting will be used majority during the street interview part.

There will be two cameras, one camera will remain as the main wide shot at all times and the second camera will move in closer to the character to get a medium or a close up shot.

The priority in the tutorial pare is to film the two hosts in a talk show style and to achieve this there is little time to set up lights or change lenses in order to achieve a higher quality picture.


Visualisation/ Storyboard:

Image 1: Street Interview Part

Image 2: Tutorial Part




The target broadcaster for this video series would be because of the massive user base and its company positioning. is Australia’s largest Chinese forum website for all overseas Chinese groups such as students and migrants.

The principal function of is to

  1. offers the latest and all-around information in relation to life, study, entertainment etc. to Chinese people in Australia.
  2. provides the best and the most convenient platform for overseas Chinese to communicate and obtain information.


The ideal time slot for this project will be 7pm every Friday. Each week we will present one episode, first season we have 10 episodes.  


Target Audience

The target audience for this project would be 16-50+ men and women from Chinese cultural background who live in Australia or planning come to Australia.The audience can be found resonance and learn to solve problems encountered in daily life through the program. People who planning to come to Australia as well as their families and friends, can also use this program to understand the current status in Australia and a real social environment.


Online / Partners

This program will have a wealth of information about Australian local information, and let the audience have more opportunity to learn about Australia and have the opportunity to solve problems people encountered. Not just can be published on the information website and video website, and a variety of Study abroad Agency and Migration Agent together to help these companies to give customers more information and help customers solve problems.