Week 4

Directing the Documentary: Production

Ready to start shooting? Time for production!

A documentary is any non-fiction video or film that informs viewers about a real-life topic, person, event, or issue. Some documentary films provide us with educational information about things that aren’t well-known. Others tell detailed stories about important people and/or events. Still others try to persuade the audience to agree with a certain viewpoint. Whatever subject I choose, filming a documentary can be a serious undertaking.

StartUp  Outline

  • Synopsis: B-roll of Angie Wu’s company + background music
  1. Interview clip #1 of Angie
  2. B-roll: angled waist-up shot of Angie walking, bird’s-eye shot of Angie throwing ingredients on pies +background music #1
  3. Interview clip #2 of Angie Wu
  4. B-roll: detailed close-up of angie type on her laptop, wide-angle shot of Angie’s stuff talking +background music #2
  5. B-roll ofAngie Wu’s company exterior on harbor +background music
  • Eric Gao
  1. Interview clip #1 of Eric, close-up frame
  2. B-roll: close-up of Eric making the tea, bird’s-eye shot of Eric’s finger + Eric voiceover #1
  3. Interview clip #2 of Eric, torso frame
  4. B-roll: profile shot of Eric call his custmer, very tight close-up of Eric + Eric voiceover #2
  1. B-roll of Eric’s company interior + Eric voiceover
  • Locky Ge
  1. Interview clip #1 of Locky
  2. B-roll: wide-angle shot of Locky use his laptop, close-up of Locky’s finger+ Locky  voiceover #1
  3. Interview clip #2 of Locky
  4. B-roll: close-up of Locky +Locky  voiceover #2
  5. B-roll: interview shots of Locky +  credits


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