Shoot dramatic recreations.

If there’s no real-life footage of an event my documentary discusses, it’s acceptable to use actors to re-create the event for my camera, provided the recreation is informed by real-world fact and it’s perfectly clear to the audience that the footage is a recreation. Be reasonable with what the film as a dramatic recreation – make sure that whatever you commit to film is grounded in reality.

  • Sometimes, dramatic recreations will obscure the actors’ faces. This is because it can be jarring for an audience to see an actor portray a real-world person in a film that also contains real footage of him or her.
  • I may want to film or edit this footage in a way that gives it a visual style distinct from the rest of my film (for instance, by muting the color palette). This way, it’s easy for  audience to tell which footage is “real” and which is a recreation.

Interactive storytelling

A story can be told through several ways, and nowadays one of the most popular and also more interactive ways is digital storytelling.

Sound of my voice

This film left audience with a good interaction and the audience deeply soaked in the rhythm of the film. The visual design of the film presents the scenes from angle of the first person, and the light in this clip brought audience to a suspicious story. The functionality of the film linked interactive points that impress audience and make them get involved in the story. The structure of the film presents a meaningful and logical story which led audience to a suspicious world. The audience can get the interesting stories around the world by simply clicking the hints.Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.28.59 am

It’s like a jungle sometimes

To be frank, I like the way of storytelling in this film that presents the most common issues in a humorous style. There are three parts in this story, comprised of six short videos which are performed vividly by three ‘animals’. Compare with people actors in a film, animal characters are more attractive and amusing.

The visual design in this story is very distinctive and creative since people live as normal but with costumes on the body, which brought a lot of funny elements into the story and I am deeply impressed by the visual design of this film. The functionality of the film gave audience a strong sense of humour. The producer posted each character’s social media link on the website where audience can chat with characters directly online. The structure of the story presents people’s normal life with a unique way on the screen. And the story tells that people should find a way to vent the pressure from daily life and don’t hide in a sheath. Sometimes, people should think of the society as a jungle and we play different roles of animals.

Planet of money makes A T-shirt

I really enjoyed the way of storytelling in this project. It included few videos and articles all in one web entry. The visual design of this story is quite simple and clear, which by using black and white as the main colours, and also formal words format. The functions are also very easily controlled by viewers. The whole page is clearly classified into three parts, which are the video on the top; texts above; then the chapters categories.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.37.55 am

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.37.22 am

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.39.37 am

The structure of this work include three parts. It leads us to watch the video first, and then allow us to read the article for exploring more information about the topic in the video. After finish the reading it guides us to go to the next chapter to watch another video. The viewers can also randomly choose a certain chapter they would like to watch. But I think all the people will watch them in order, due to the storytelling is listed with a process of making a T-shirt. We all wear T-shirt all the time, but not many of us have considered how they have been made. This interactive storytelling work has provided us a change to view the whole process with a very effective way.