Week 9

Post Production

So here you are.

I’ve shot all  footage and  now ready to sit myself down in front of my computer and start making magic. I need to organize it in an order that is interesting, coherent, and will keep the viewers’ attention. Make a detailed shot-by-shot outline to guide the editing process. Provide a coherent narrative for the audience to follow that proves your viewpoint. Decide which footage will go at the beginning, which will go in the middle, which will go at the end, and which won’t go in the film at all. Showcase the most interesting footage, while cutting anything that seems meandering, boring, or pointless.

Here’s my post-production check-list:

    • Log tapes, examine & study footage
    • Create a script – I’ve written up a whole page just on this topic
    • Choose  music: research music libraries, work with a composer or look into purchasing copyrighted materials like a pop song
    • Edit your documentary – click here for a step by step editing guide
    • Strategize on a distribution and marketing plan for my film
    • Check all the legal stuff to make sure I won’t get

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