Flipped lecture-image editing

I am a huge fun for Photoshop,and really crazy about it.I like take pictures everytime and everywhere if I want.So aims to create new things and good atmosphere,I need to use the digital image editing software like Photoshop frequently.When our group members start to plan our project about Rebuild Bohol.We figure out to create one logo for our social media team.Through the ‘IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE‘lecture,I noticed one good image editing software named’GIMP’.It offers a variety of image processing tools, filters, and many component modules, to make for a cool, shiny web buttons or website Logo is a graphics software  easy to use,I just need a little change, it can create a button or  web site Logo very quickly.Through the tool,I can use most of the Photoshop plug-in (may want to use WINE).There are a variety of tools, including brushes, pencils, sprayers, cloning and other tools, and to brush, mode customization.

At first,we have a lot of ideas about how to build a new logo,such like these logos in the following:




Finally,We realized that this event has lots of pictures about the rebuild bohol,so we decided to present it ,and share it with the public as more as better.So I learned from Designing a Logo in Photoshop.This lecture is very useful for us to make some significant style.


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Audience research

My developing digital story needs to have an audience to be successful. so I must consider Who  will be  my audience for my project.

I found when i use facebook,if i post something information about rmit,my classmates and someone who intrested in rmit,they always  give me a comment when i use instagram,i usually post some pics about melbourne ,and i definitely like to tag some attracted with the landscape of melbourne ,so they will give me a like and communicate with me about how can catch the better views through the easy skills.

When we have spare time ,we always go to the cinema with our friends ,usually girls like love movie,boys perfer to action movie,and kids almost like cartoon movie.

Audience research is a systematic and accurate way of finding out about your audience. There are two main things that audience research can do:

(1) estimate audience sizes

(2) discover audience preferences

屏幕快照 2015-03-30 上午10.23.53

In the media industries, the equivalent to walking is broadcasting the programs. The equivalent of watching where you are going is audience research.

But when you are walking, you are doing more than simply move your legs, and watch where you are going. You will also have decided where you are walking to. Depending on what you see, you will adjust your steps in the desired direction. And of course, at any time you may change your direction of walking.

Then the effective way to do the audience research ,there are two way will help you to catch your audience as soon as possible:

  1. Instagrok research search engine for education It is not only just educational search engine,it also offers definitions and related concepts,and breaks down the search results into different types – websites, photos, videos and so on.
  2. DuckDuckGo privacy policy DuckDuckGo has everything you expect a search engine to have, including images, news and places, all while respecting your privacy. Great results without tracking you. That’s DuckDuckGo in a nutshell.

In my digital story ,i must find my audience by the right locate ,and it will be better for my promote and spread.

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Melbourne noir

This is my first assignment in my master of media,this course’s name is# cmwp#.Teacher let us made some pictures and videos about melbourne noir.

Firstly,I have no ideas about noir. Melbourne for me is totally a colourful city,but when I thinking about the world’noir’.I began to noticed the different view for Melbourne.

So I got a lot of pictures from the city,can you feel a little strange or weird atmosphere?

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