Task 9: EPOC media objects

I just create a sample scene for the electronic proof of concept in the form of a video clip for my final project proposal.

Here is the link to the media object.

In other words, identify Focus on something  Think about what the significance of this new insight might be for your learning and future practice.

From creating this media object, I learned an insight thing. Don’t overshoot! Overshooting means filming far more footage than is actually required. This is extremely bad practice in our interview section, it  changed my thinking  that I hadn’t realized before. Frankly, it drives me and my group member absolutely crazy!

In documentaries, especially if I am shooting and directing the footage myself, it is very much within my control. I need to develop the discipline and confidence that once I have the shot I want and I don’t need to do it again! But when it shows crew and production that I am not confident in knowing we have the shot or sequence we need. When we at the last but not least there’ll be mountains of footage to wade through in post production, which will ultimately cost the production time.So after that experience I remembered that  its quality not quantity that counts.


Task1-Analyse a digital narrative

Story Elements

Events  The video starts out with a guy embraced a  bouquet of flowers meet his friend on his way to his beloved, he said to  his friend that he has got a girlfriend.It is obviously to see that he was very excited to see his lover. When he met his girlfriend, maybe she was  in a bad mood for some reason.

Characters  Only two character,the guy and his girlfriend, it looks like normal people just around our truly life.

Time  The events just happens to be the present. Maybe it was not at the certain time, but we can see it is during the day.

Place The event takes place in the guy’s  girlfriend home,such as a living room.The environment looks like his girlfriend was not happy with him.She was sitting on the chair and waiting for her boyfriend come to see her and talk about something.The guy was just stand in front of his girlfriend and looks like a little nervous.

Then, when he gets there you’re given the choice of asking her “How was your day?” or “What are you reading?” Let’s say you chose the former, you’re then greeted with a “How the f*ck do you think it was?” Huh?

Even if you then give her the flowers she’s suspicious of why you gave them to her. And it just descends into her getting increasingly unhappy with your actions until it inevitable ends in your violent death by machine gun, or you get dumped. Just like in real life.

Narrative elements:

Ordering – The events just following  the audience’s choice to present the story. If he in the right of your choice, he will got the different progress of the story.

Pace -We can see the story just happens to be the normal day and normal room seems like the audience’s real life.

Focalization – The most attractive point things would be that you can have a different choice then you will got the different reaction from the girl. It looks like a game that you will through to the success.

Narrator – You will see the two person talk each other, and when he take the different choice, his girlfriend will have the different reaction for him, and he will got the different result,but by my efforts. I only got one type of results that it is he should die.

Text – As we can see on the screen, only when the guy need to have a choice, on the bottom of the screen there be two choice , you can touch it for you own choice, and the text is simple and very easy to understand.

Traditional narrative features:

Linearity: It is very logical story between the guy and his girlfriend.

Series of conflicts that leads to a climax and resolution:If you take the wrong choice

Protagonist and antagonist: The guy and his girl friend,in my opinion, it is totally the most difficult relationship to handle in the world.

Three-act structure:The different choice looks like the real three actor can change the result. The people outside of the story looks like the real actor, it is amazing

Heroes journey:The whole events like a real life around us.

Digital narrative features:

Numerical coding:Different choice would hyperlink to the different video, I think it totally have almost two hundreds of videos.

Modularity:Different choice would hyperlink to the different video, I think it totally have dozens of videos.Different videos would be the different modularity.

Variability: If you want to win , please follow the raiders

How was your day?
Look around for context
You got a haircut?
—-You got a trim (-> You are dead)
—-You dyed your hair (-> You are dead)
You got a job? (-> You are single)
You’ve got a pregnancy test in your sandwich? (-> You are dead)
Change the subject
Stare her down (-> You are dead)
Don’t say anything
—-Remain silent again (Before 1:16) (-> You are single)
—-Remain silent again (After 1:16)
—–A salad? (-> You’ve won! Thanks for watching.)
—–Cookies? (-> You are dead)
Give her flowers
Accidentally narrate inner monologue
—-Own it (-> You are dead)
—-Feign Insanity (-> You are dead)
Use logic to explain yourself (-> You are dying)
My intense love for you? (-> You are dead)
What are you reading?
Look around for context
You got a haircut?
—-You got a trim (-> You are dead)
—-You dyed your hair (-> You are dead)
The Hunger Games (-> You are dead)
Remain Silent
—-Remain silent again (Before 1:16) (-> You are single)
—-Remain silent again (After 1:16)
—–A salad? (-> You’ve won! Thanks for watching.)
—–Cookies? (-> You are dead)
A How-To on Being a Bitch
—-Cough loudly (-> You are single)
—-Take a stand (-> You are single)

Programmed elements:I think this video would not need very difficult  programmed elements. Maybe just use the link add to the new different video.

Participatory aspects: It can resent the different results if you choose the different button, it looks very attractive that you can handle the guys fate.