USEING SKYPE–Convenient way to communicate

Skype is an instant messaging software , it has the necessary IM features such as video chat, voice conferencing , multiplayer chat , transfer files , text chat and other features. It can free high definition voice conversations with other users , you can also call the domestic and international calls, whether fixed telephone , mobile phone, PHS can dial directly , and can achieve call forwarding, SMS and other functions.

I use the skype for the first time because I should keep in touch with a good friend who  studying abroad,for saving expensive international call charges.we use skype to communication every i totally can say that I’m a huge fan of Skype.

In the course CMWP,our first group project about digital storytelling need all the group members keep in touch to make this project running good with the schedule.Because each member have their own schedule,so most of time we can not communicate face to the skype give us a huge help.after our calsstime ,when we have time on the night,we can use skype with our group members in order to make sure our project running.

Unfortunately,because the net can not keep stable,when we use skype ,we almost face the problem of signal delay.and the other persons voice always delay for several minutes。it can made us lost our patient.

To be honestly, now I  use skype in my daily life  rarely, because there are many new  Communications tools appears, in my country , wechat was  very popular , we can call each other by our cellphone like facetime by internet without any phone charges .

However,in the future our group need to contact a lot ,if skype can not improve their use system,we definitely will choose wechat or facetime instead of skype to have conversation with members.

So,it has no successful  forever,we should always improve ourself for not be Oblivion.